Unveiling the Technology: How Cloudastructure’s Remote Guarding Revolutionizes Multifamily Security

How Cloudastructure's Remote Guarding works and the transformative impact it has on enhancing security for multifamily properties.

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In 2022, Cloudastructure disrupted the security industry with the introduction of the first seamless remote guarding software designed explicitly for the multifamily sector. As we delve into the details of this revolutionary technology, we'll explore how Cloudastructure's Remote Guarding works and the transformative impact it has on enhancing security for multifamily properties.

How Cloudastructure’s Remote Guarding Works:

Traditional security camera monitoring has limitations:  with a lone guard monitoring all surveillance with an NVR solution, that guard can effectively only watch only a handful of cameras at a time.By contrast, Cloudastructure’s cloud-based AI surveillance changes the game by enabling the AI to monitor cameras 100% of the time. Motion-based footage is encrypted, sent to the cloud for AI analytics, and customizable alerts that are sent to global remote guard services for review. Guards can:

  • Live stream
  • Review analytics
  • Activate microphones and issue warnings to potential threats
  • Escalate to law enforcement if necessary.

The seamless cloud-based nature of Cloudastructure’s Remote Guarding software offers an optional fully-trained remote team to monitor and review all alerts, incident reports, and up to a 60% reduction in live guard costs.

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Impact on Multifamily Security:

With a staggering 82% of property management professionals in our survey reporting an increase in crime in 2023, early multifamily adopters of Cloudastructure’s solution enjoyed unparalleled results in 2023. Over the year, our remote guards: 

  • Received 398,673 Alerts
  • Deemed 7,816 to Require a Voice Down
  • Returned a Deterrence Rate 97.24% on behalf of customers

And because Cloudastructure is cloud-based, clients also enjoy how they are able to standardize their security across all locations, which assists not only with security but also  reviewing renovations, resolving vendor and employee disputes, etc.  

If you’re in multifamily and would like to  learn more about about how Cloudastructure’s seamless Remote Guarding is transforming security, download our 2023 report:  “The Power of Remote Guarding” today. Prefer to talk to one of our site security experts? We’re here to help. 

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