Feature Report: The Power of Remote Guarding
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Remote Guarding

The only cloud-based AI platform today that offers end-to-end security, so you can enjoy a greater return on your investment.

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Security That Never Sleeps

Our seamless Remote Guarding platform pairs easily with your in-house monitoring team or ours, as well as monitoring partners across the U.S. So that you have proactive security without the high cost of on-prem guards. Trained agents review every alert detected by Cloudastructure’s AI Surveillance. Bad actors are contacted via 110+ dB speakers and informed they are being watched, recorded, and that authorities are on their way.

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Put a Stop To:

 Property vandals
 Illegal Occupancy
 Physical Threats

With our AI Surveillance & Remote Guarding, clients enjoy up to a 93% deterrence rate and a 95% apprehension rate. And finally have guards that can be everywhere.

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remote guarding

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The Cloudastructure ROI

Cloudastructure is the ONLY cloud-based end-to-end security solution on the market today with:

 A complete and award-winning cloud-based VMS
 Cloud-based superior AI analytics for greater computational accuracy
 Award-winning remote guarding capabilities integrated with VMS
 Global remote guarding services.

Which means you not only save on guards and losses, but operational costs, licensing, and hardware too.

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Customizable Guarding Options

Because your platform will be cloud-based, you have a wide range of monitoring options:

 Your own security team

 Cloudastructure Partners

  • With US based Agents
  • UL Certified Monitoring Station
  • Customizable Monitoring Hours

 Cloudastructure Guards

  • Globally based and decentralized for diversification of bandwidth
  • Working daytime hours wherever they are to prevent fatigue
  • Customizable Monitoring Hours
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