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AI Surveillance for Offices and Commercial Properties

Proactive Security: Cloud Video Surveillance and Remote Guarding 

Cloudastructure’s cloud-based AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding platform can transform your ordinary surveillance system into a proactive, real-time, crime-fighting solution. Our award-winning platform is the only cloud-based AI system that offers end-to-end security. 

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Optimize Surveillance with Cloud-based AI & Remote Guarding

Cloudastructure’s award-winning proactive security solution works with all camera types* and is the ONLY integrated property management security solution that offers:

 A complete and award-winning VMS
 Cloud-based advanced AI analytics for greater computational accuracy
 Award-winning remote guarding capabilities
 Global remote guarding services

With our solution, you can transform your existing surveillance system from a forensic tool into a proactive crime-fighting solution in real-time. 

*Excludes proprietary consumer based WiFi cameras or discontinued cameras

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camera agnostic

A Proactive Security Solution with ROI 

Reduce on-prem guard costs by up to 40%. Stop losses to theft, damage and vandalism. Reduce operational costs.

We offer a wide variety of options no matter how you customize your solution including:

 Month-to-month SaaS-based pricing
 Buy or lease options on minimal hardware (CVR)
 CVR on Camera options available
 Affordable quality cameras if you wish to expand surveillance
 Multiple remote guarding options
 Unlimited Support
 Transparency with our customers in all solutions.

Cloudastructure offers a higher ROI because we are the ONLY solution that offers end-to-end security. No need for additional software, plug-ins, or third party vendors.

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Client Experiences

“We are able to stop a crime if it's in progress!”
Britney Kalberer, VP Kalberer Properties
“...A gate was damaged multiple times. With Cloudastructure, we were able to identify the responsible party and recover the funds. I’d recommend Cloudastructure to anyone in the business.”
Alex Allione, Asset Manager CONAM
“The install was easy, they had it up and running the same day. And everyone was super nice. Five stars on the whole thing.”
Morgan Kottowitz, Community Manager
"When I arrived on property, our front glass was busted out, I immediately pulled up the recordings and shared with law enforcement and yes the suspects were apprehended blocks away."
Jill Madsen, High Times

The most decorated cloud video surveillance on the market

Customer Service Department of the Year

Residential Data Management Platform of the Year

Security Innovation of the Year 2023

PLATINUM Best Video Management Solution – Smart Surveillance/Remote Guarding

Best Native Cloud Solution 2023

Best New Monitoring Product: Remote Guarding

PLATINUM Best Video Surveillance Solution - Smart Surveillance

GOLD for Best New Cloud Solution

Best New IoT Product: GearBox

GOLD Best Video Analytics Solution - Smart Surveillance

SILVER for Best New AI/ML Solution

GOLD Best Video Data Storage Solution - Smart Surveillance

Security Innovation of the Year

GOLD Best Cloud Computing & Storage - Smart Surveillance/Remote Guarding

GOLD for Achievement in Sales & Revenue Generation

PLATINUM Winner for Cloud Solutions and Services

PLATINUM Best Cloud IoT Cyber Security Solution - GearBox™

PLATINUM Best IoT Product of the Year - GearBox™


Enjoy 24/7 Support from Silicon Valley: the HQ of Engineering

With Cloudastructure, you migrate, build, and grow your business partnering with our engineers in Silicon Valley, the home of engineering innovation and receive unlimited support with your subscription. 

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Get 21st-century security today and transform your security costs into an alluring asset that will increase safety. Our security specialists will walk you through how much you can save on your specific locations and challenges. 

Increase Tenant Safety, Satisfaction, and Save

Save on Costs

Cloudastructure isn’t just a state-of-the-art 21st century security system – it’s a money saver, too. We offer up to a 75% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership vs. on-premises solutions.

You can reduce your:
- Capital Expenditure costs
- IT Management costs
- IT Maintenance costs

You might even save on insurance premiums. Check with your provider today. 

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Save on Guards

The average guard costs a company $87,000 per year. And for 24/7 coverage, you’d need at least 5 guards on staff, and there’s still the square footage they have to cover.

With Cloudastructure, your cameras become your guards, alerting you to threats within minutes, so that you can review footage and analytics, and email them to law enforcement with just a click.  

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Optimize Deterrence with Remote Guarding

Need Live Monitoring? We have the only seamless AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding platform on the market with a 93% deterrence rate.

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