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Our Story

Cloudastructure provides cloud controlled video surveillance systems to enterprises.

Once upon a time…a laptop was stolen from Rick Bentley’s office. He went to the landlord to get the surveillance footage, only to discover a cleaning lady had unplugged the surveillance cameras for the vacuum. 

Head in the Clouds

Dubbing the unsolved theft “The Vacuum Effect,” Rick decided surveillance footage needed to go to the cloud. CTO Gregory Rayzman shared that vision for a secure, scalable suite of cloud-based video surveillance, storage, analytics, and monitoring. 

If You Build It, They Will Come

Google’s release of Tensorflow in 2016 added Computer Vision, AI, and Machine Learning to Bentley’s and Rayzman’s vision.  Rayzman hand-selected rising engineering stars in Silicon Valley in the fields of AI, ML and UI, and designed the Cloudastructure platform to scale. Meanwhile, Rick successfully took Cloudastructure to its first round of funding in 2020, raising more than $30 million.

Cloudastructure Today

Today, Cloudastructure offers not just the first, but the most comprehensive cloud-native architecture in security, with:

- Scalable cloud video surveillance for multisite businesses
- Computer vision in the cloud for greater computational accuracy
- Seamless remote guarding capabilities for end-to-end security

As well as white glove installation, no contract month-to-month pricing, and unlimited support.
All so no data, especially when it comes to theft, is ever lost. 

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