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No Education is Complete Without AI 

Adding cloud-based AI to your campus surveillance system enables you to proactively protect students, staff, visitors, and the hallowed halls themselves – all in real-time. Let students enjoy a campus that is safe at night, higher security ratings for recruiting, and lower costs.

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turnkey solution

Security that is college material

Economical and easy-to-install, Cloudastructure’s cloud video surveillance system works with all camera types*, and provides unblinking vigilance wherever you have cameras.  Receive customized, real-time alerts when threats are taking place, and you can rapid search for footage or go to live view. Employ computer vision analytics to evaluate the situation and respond in minutes, all from your phone or laptop. 

*Excludes proprietary consumer based WiFi cameras or discontinued cameras

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Put a Stop To:

 Physical attacks on communal grounds
 False liability claims

And any Friday night mischief that gets out of control.

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camera agnostic

Works with ALL Cameras*

No need for pricey retrofits of your existing camera system. Unlike other surveillance providers who require the purchase of proprietary cameras or require certain products and vendors, Cloudastructure will work with any camera you have*.  

*Excludes proprietary consumer based WiFi cameras or discontinued cameras

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Increase Safety While Saving Money

Save on Costs

Cloudastructure isn’t just a state-of-the-art 21st century security system – it’s a money saver, too. As a cloud-native solution, we offer up to a 75% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership vs. on-premises solutions. Reducing your:

- Capital Expenditure costs
- IT Management costs-
IT Maintenance costs

You might even save on insurance premiums. Check with your provider today. 

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Save on Guards

With Cloudastructure, your cameras become an integral part of security, alerting you to threats within minutes, so that you can review footage and analytics, and email them to law enforcement with just a click. 

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Optimize Deterrence with Remote Guarding

Need Live Monitoring? We have the only seamless AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding platform on the market with a 93% deterrence rate.

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Enjoy 24/7 Support from Silicon Valley: the HQ of Engineering

With Cloudastructure, you migrate, build, and grow your business partnering with our engineers in Silicon Valley, the home of engineering innovation and receive unlimited support with your subscription. 

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See what Cloudastructure can do for you and your portfolio!

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