The Power of Remote Guarding 2023

How Cloudastructure’s Remote Guarding is Transforming Multifamily Security
Multifamily crime is on the rise according to our recent poll. A full 82% of respondents cited that it was on the increase. More than a quarter said it was “up more than 25%.” 

Cloudastructure's seamless and award-winning Remote Guarding software and global guard services offer a solution to crime that had a 97% deterrence rate in its inaugural year. Paired with the company’s flagship AI Surveillance, Cloudastructure’s solution is thwarting crime in real time, including theft, vandalism, trespassing, and lease violations while simultaneously producing almost immediate ROI for early adopters.

How? The answers are in the data. Read Cloudastructure’s annual report on Remote Guarding for 2023 to see how the company’s 2022 pivot has become the most exciting end-to-end solution in 21st century security.  

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Feature Report: The Power of Remote Guarding
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