Cloudastructure releases report on how their Remote Guarding solution is transforming multifamily security

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Miami, FL –  February 7, 2024  Today, Cloudastructure released a comprehensive report “The Power of Remote Guarding: How Cloudastructure’s Remote Guarding is Transforming Multifamily Security.” The report details the impact seamless Remote Guarding software and global guard services have had on the cloud-based AI Surveillance company as well as their early adoption enterprise customers in its inaugural year.  

About the Report

With vacancy and insurance rates spiking nationally in property management, property management companies are seeking new differentiators to attract tenants in a highly competitive market. 

In a recent survey by Cloudastructure, industry respondents also cited a significant increase in crime on their properties year over year, with more than a quarter of respondents citing an increase of 25% or more. Respondents overwhelmingly cited car break-ins as the #1 problem, which reflects the national spike in car theft overall. 

Remote Guarding 

Cloudastructure’s seamless end-to-end solution offers multifamily owners and managers a solution to both problems: they can leverage their existing surveillance cameras with Cloudastructure to stop crime in its tracks, while simultaneously reducing their live guard costs by as much as 40%, Multifamily customers also recounted how the solution: 

  • Deterred building-wide mailroom thefts
  • Deterred parking garage supply closet break-ins
  • Deterred tenant bike thefts. 
  • Kept tenants and trespassers out of the pool during off hours.
  • Resolved a vendor dispute.
  • Resolved an employee time theft issue.
  • Kept unhoused individuals away from front entrances, and other areas of the property, to make tenants feel more welcome and secure. 

And for Cloudastructure, the solution has been so successful that Remote Guarding already represents 42% of its core business in its inaugural year. Equally, the company has had zero attrition, which it attributes to their proprietary Remote Guarding software and global guard services. 

Chief Revenue Officer Lauren OBrien stated, “Multifamily customers are seeing the impact in real data - their properties are achieving a 97% deterrence rate on crime wherever they have cameras, and their live guard costs are coming down. Meanwhile, being able to leverage their existing security cameras, enjoy billing from a lone provider for one software license, minimal hardware and global guard services reduces the friction internally to adoption. We are thrilled to be that provider, and look forward to even greater success and expansion in 2024.” 

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