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The Future of Computer Vision

with host, cloudastructure ceo, rick bentley

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Computer Vision in the Market

According to a recent report, the computer vision market is predicted to be worth $168 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 34%. Amazing, but how does it work? What are the applications of Computer Vision? And what goes into the engineering?

Lets Geek Out

Join Silicon Valley veteran engineer and Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley and the award-winning Cloudastructure Computer Vision Team for a one-hour deep dive into how computer vision features are designed. Geek out on real-world demonstrations of applications. Ask the questions you need to ask to get the low down on one of the fastest-growing markets of the decade.

Cloudastructure CEO, Rick Bentley

Thursday, March 2nd 2023

9:00 am PT

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About Rick Bentley

Rick Bentley is a well-known Silicon Valley engineer and entrepreneur. The first to propose cloud-based surveillance in the country in 2003, Rick sold his last startup to Uber, and left work as an advisor to Google to pursue Cloudastructure,