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Artificial Intelligence:
The Next Five Years

with Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley & Matt Marshall CEO of Venture Beat


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ChatGPT. Voice Bots. Fake videos. AI is scaling daily, offering both alluring and alarming possibilities. What will AI look like just five years from now?

Join host Rick Bentley, noted Silicon Valley engineer and CEO of Cloudastructure, for a sweeping discussion about how AI is about to alter our society by 2028.

We’ll cover topics such as:
- Turing Tests, Chat Bots and Voice Bots
- Deepfake Videos. Output. Chain of Custody
- Computer Vision. Input. How Skynet Sees.

We’ll be covering the who/what/why and how. 

Cloudastructure CEO, Rick Bentley & Venture Beat CEO, Matt Marshall

Thursday, April 6

9:00 am PT

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About Rick Bentley

Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley is a veteran Silicon Valley engineer and CEO and likely the first to propose putting surveillance in the cloud, having begun researching the necessary architecture twenty years ago. 

About Matt Marshall

After more than a decade of reporting that includes the Wall Street Journal and the San Jose Mercury News, Matt Marshall founded Venture Beat in 2006 and today serves as its Editor-in-Chief and CEO. Marshall is the recipient of the NoCal Society of Professional Journalists' Journalist of the Year award, as well as the James Madison Freedom of Information Award. He holds a Ph.D.from Georgetown University.

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