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Smart Parking and Security

Real-time Usage Reports. Smart Space Management. Smart Security.

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Real-Time Occupancy Reporting

AI cameras accurately read license plates of each vehicle upon entry and exit into parking facilities, map this information to your proprietary database, and effectively manage and report on who is occupying the parking garage at any point in time.

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Real-time reporting dashboard that includes video analytics of:

 Customer usage
 Occupancy rates of change
 Spot availability
 License Plate Recognition

Bill according to usage. Design and expand facilities based on real-time metrics.

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Smart Parking is Smart Revenue

The search for a parking space is OVER. Our smart parking solution:

- Identifies parking levels with vacancies.
- Directs vehicles to the appropriate level.
- Saves on attendants.

Increase customer satisfaction, optimize efficiency and revenue.


Smart Security: Customized LPR/BOLO Alerts

- Open API integrates with local authority databases for stolen vehicles and bad actors.
- Custom alerts sent when a bad actor comes onto the scene.
- Search and view where bad actor has been across entire campus or facility.


User-Friendly Dashboard

Easy to use, real-time dashboard provides intelligent parking metrics, including spot availability, customer usage, occupancy rates and more. With our open API we integrate with your database and create user defined reports that meet your unique parking requirements.

Experience why businesses choose Cloudastructure for video security and management.


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