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IoT Cybersecurity

Vigilant. Swift. Reliable. 


Early Detection is Mission Critical

Cloudastructure’s IoT cybersecurity solution is a subscription service that offers performance and vulnerability alerts on all your IoT devices, thereby closing off the most opportune ports of entry for hackers.

Key Features

No need for expensive consultants, builds, or exhausting reports. Clouadastructures´s app-based IoT Cybersecurity Solution offers:

 Push Button Launch
 In-App Data Processing
 Performance & Vulnerability Reporting in Minutes
 Logical Network Topologies
 Prioritized Remediation Roadmap

Inventory all your IoT devices on a network, receive alerts to vulnerabilities or compliance issues within minutes with a remediation roadmap that prioritizes risk and rates difficulty.

Turn Your Security Into An Asset with AI


Set-Up Is A Snap

Once subscribed:

- Connect to our network
- Enter the IP range to be assessed
- Hit Scan

A report will be available within minutes with all actionable data.

Yes, it’s that easy.

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Secure. Scalable. Next Generation


Security That Never Sleeps

Smart Parking

Real-Time Occupancy Reporting

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