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Remote Guarding

24x7 coverage wherever you have cameras. Reduce live guard costs. Escalation to authorities.

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24 / 7 / 365

Security That Never Sleeps

Paired with your in-house security team or a third party monitoring station, our seamless Remote Guarding ensures that you have highly effective 24/7/365 security WITHOUT the high cost of on-prem guards. From a Video Monitoring Station, trained agents review every alert detected by Cloudastructure’s AI Surveillance. Bad actors are contacted via 110+ dB speakers and informed they are being watched, recorded, and that authorities are on their way.

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Put a Stop To:

 Property vandals
 Illegal Occupancy
 Physical Threats

With Remote Guarding, you finally have guards that can be everywhere at once.

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remote guarding

See How It works

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Save 40% on Hiring a Traditional Guard Service

The average onsite guard costs a company an average of $87,000 per year including salary and benefits. And the moment they respond to suspicious activity onsite, there’s no one watching your AI Surveillance feed.

With Remote Guarding, you have:

- An entire staff monitoring your AI Surveillance.
- Immediate intervention to detected threat or bad actor.
- At 60% of the cost of on-prem guards.

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Upgrade Deterrence & Apprehension. Reduce Liability.

Remote Guarding stops crime as it is happening. The metrics are unparalleled:

- 93% of illicit activity is abandoned at Voice Down.
- 95+% of suspects are apprehended.
- Storage of all footage you need for court and conviction.

Meanwhile, reduce your risk of lawsuits for negligence, assault, unlawful detention, personal Injury/Death.Let trained Law Enforcement do their job, while Remote Guarding protects your people and property.

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