Why Cloud-based Video Surveillance Is the Most Secure Solution

At Cloudastructure, we put all our video capabilities into the cloud. Why? Because it’s more physically secure and more digitally secure than old-school, on-premises solutions.

Traditional video surveillance solutions store the video onsite.  If the building blows up, burns down, or someone steals the recorder, then all the video data is lost — this is a risk most companies do not want to take and is the main reason why many are shifting to the cloud.

Because these outdated systems still perform basic security tasks, some business owners keep them around. But they’re becoming increasingly concerned about the security risks of their on-premises solutions, and know they need something more powerful.

With conventional video surveillance solutions, when you’re offsite, you need a hole in your firewall to access footage -- that’s an attack vector for hackers to get onto your network and into your other systems.   Storing video onsite fails to prevent risks such as theft or natural disaster.  On-premises servers also require ongoing IT maintenance that the business has to pay for.

Businesses are becoming more aware of these outdated security solutions and the risks they involve, so the demand for cloud-based video surveillance has increased dramatically. Word is getting out that cloud-based surveillance is more secure than traditional, on-premises, surveillance systems.  

Why Cloud-Based Systems Are More Secure

Cloudastructure’s video security solution offers several distinct advantages over on-premises systems that make the decision to switch easy. The benefits of moving surveillance to the cloud and working with Cloudastructure include:

  • Centralized control and management of all locations in a single view
  • Lowered risk of cyber attacks: there is no hole in firewall, no port forwarding in the router, no complicated VPN, etc. required for video access
  • Automatic firmware upgrades and lifetime warranty of CVR
  • Easy installation - can be up and running in minutes with no way to misconfigure
  • Works with all camera types - no forklift required
  • Data encryption both at rest and in transit
  • Video is protected from physical security breaches and natural disasters
  • AI capabilities enabling rapid search, motion and facial recognition/detection, anomaly detection, counting, automatic license plate tracking, advanced analytics and more

Cloud Technology = a More Secure Future

Security concerns all but disappears with cloud-based technology.  Cloudastructure’s solution is designed around network security from the ground up, leveraging advanced cloud storage technology. Cloudastructure Video Surveillance Solution and Cloud Video Recorders (CVR) provide a scalable, reliable and more secure alternative to the legacy models. The automated in updating, patching, and monitoring gives it a massive advantage over traditional NVR, DVR and Camera Storage systems.

While we live in an uncertain world, cloud-based video surveillance is certainly the most effective at keeping systems operational and businesses secure.

Data Encryption

Cloudastructure uses several types of encryption to protect data, utilizing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Communication is done through the latest security standards, providing safeguards with end-to-end encryption using TLS over HTTPS,. This ensures authentication and protection of data while in transit against man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping and other interference.

Data is encrypted at-rest, using AES256 - Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and in-transit, encrypting data before transmission; authenticating the endpoints; and decrypting/verifying the data on entry, using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Internally, in our Cloud, access to the database and any computing resources is only available by authenticated Cloudastructure Dev Ops employees through VPN and two-factor authentication.

With no holes required in your firewall, this delivers a higher level of protection against internal and external attacks on your critical network video surveillance security infrastructure. This means your data will always be safe and secure in the cloud. Only authorized personnel have access to it, further eliminating the rest of the network from threat. [see figure 1]

In the unlikely event of a breach, files are anonymous by default and stored separately. Video data and meta-data are tough to reconcile. Furthermore, system audit logs ensure all user activities are logged and indexed. All action is available to be reviewed and reported, with the ability to identify abnormal user activity.

In the much more likely event of an internet outage, your data is safely buffered and stored on the CVR. When network connectivity resumes, the Cloudastructure CVR immediately gets to work, securely sending your data to cloud storage as quickly as network broadband speeds allow.

Cloud-based video surveillance is safer, smarter and more affordable than traditional surveillance systems. Contact us to request a demo and see the many advantages of cloud-based video systems for yourself.

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