Transforming Proptech: The Crucial Role of AI and Surveillance in Multifamily

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Rental rates have declined by 4% in the past year. The competitive landscape for keeping a property at capacity is getting tougher. So where can you add value, and simultaneously reduce costs, and stay ahead of the curve? By embracing AI-based Proptech innovations in efficiency, security, and user experience.

Elevating Security with AI Surveillance

AI Surveillance with Remote Guarding is a relatively painless shift you can make to enhance the value of your properties and enjoy tremendous ROI. Whether your property managers are still fast-forwarding and rewinding surveillance footage, or your guard company is still trying to spot motion in every dark parking lot and hallway you’ve got, it’s time to get AI, because there’s a more efficient way. 

A computer doesn’t blink, go to the bathroom, or fall asleep. Nothing that occurs on your surveillance footage is missed. AI can review all the footage instantly, and send you alerts to potential threats. And the core difference is you’re getting those alerts in real-time, instead of hours after the damage and losses are already part of history. For the first time, your surveillance system becomes a real time, crime-fighting tool to protect your tenants, property and staff from losses.

Now pair that AI Surveillance with Remote Guarding. With Remote Guarding, you still have a guard at a computer, but the guard is no longer trying to watch ALL your cameras at the same time – instead he/she is reviewing the alerts as they come in. That vastly reduces the heavy-lifting and frankly the costs: you can have one team of guards monitoring all your properties, reviewing and analyzing the alerts and deploy a smaller team of on-premises guards where you need them.

93+% Deterrence Rate, 95% Apprehension Rate

AI & Remote Guarding are so effective they produce unparalleled results. Here at Cloudastructure, one of our partner monitoring companies cited a 93% deterrence rate on crime, and a 95% apprehension rate of would-be offenders. There’s been no other product on the security market in the past 50 years that we know of that can produce those kinds of results. With AI and RG, your clients are safer going to their car at night, their children are safer on the playground, and the community as a whole is safer from liability risk from unauthorized teens sneaking into the pool in the dead of night.

The ROI of AI & Remote Guarding

With AI & Remote Guarding, you can solve whodunnits for tenant violations like a broken gate, car break-ins, illegal waste dumping, pet violations. You can send the footage and the fine to the tenant via email, and recoup costs for damage. You can be alerted to squatters with line-crossing technology, or mark evicted and problematic tenants as bad actors and know when they surface on the property.  This technology not only deters criminal activities but also provides invaluable data for investigating incidents and identifying patterns.

The single biggest savings you’ll see is in your guard costs, which you may be able to reduce by as much as 40%. Considering the average guard costs a company $87,000 per year in salary, benefits, training and equipment, that’s a lot of savings.

Staying Competitive Through Technology

The integration of AI and Remote Guarding in Proptech is a game-changer for property management: you can enhance security measures, prevent unauthorized access, enable efficient incident response, and optimize facility management. You can create environments that are not only technologically advanced but also safe and secure for your tenants and staff. And all of it helps your bottom line. By our estimates, the average ROI for a property management company is a savings of $72,000 annually per property. That adds up fast if you’re managing dozens.

As the Proptech landscape continues to evolve, embracing AI and surveillance technology is essential for staying competitive and providing a superior real estate experience for all stakeholders involved.

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