16% Wage Hike in Colombia Leaves Guard Companies Scrambling for Alternatives

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Miami, FL –  September 7, 2023. Today, Cloudastructure and Soltes Security jointly announced a new, non-exclusive partnership for the South American security company to utilize Cloudastructure’s AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding platform to launch Soltes’ new Remote Guarding services in the aftermath of a nationwide guard wage hike in the country.

Historically, Colombia has relied heavily on guard services, and both the job and the industry have prospered.  But a new 16% hike in the minimum wage nationwide has left a number of Colombian guard companies seeking alternatives to manage the cost hit. 

Juan Carlos Giraldo, CEO of Soltes, was quick to launch into action. Purchasing a monitoring station, he started researching security software options a year ago. In his mind, Cloudastructure wasn’t just the best option: it was the only option. He commented, “Without a doubt, our experience with the Cloudastructure technology has been exceptional. We are completely delighted with their cutting-edge approach and ability to adapt to the changing needs of the global market. 

“What has really impressed us is the way in which Cloudastructure has perfectly understood the specific demands of each region in which we operate. Their ability to customize solutions and adjust to the specific needs of each client is truly remarkable. This gives us confidence that we are working with a technology partner who understands the complexities and nuances of our operations.” 

Cloudastructure Chief Revenue Officer Lauren O’Brien commented, “What is happening in the guarding industry in Colombia isn’t unique. Arguably it’s simply an accelerated roadmap of the guarding conditions here in the U.S. With the advent of cloud-based AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding, security companies have the opportunity to protect their clients and staff with a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency, while they save on resources at the same time.” 

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