Shopping Spree: Selecting the Right Surveillance Camera Style for Your Needs

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Let’s get something straight: AI Surveillance is for preventing crime before it happens. It is NOT there so your vendors can take your security system  hostage and exact a ransom from you. Beware of vendors carrying onerous, long term contracts that require pricey retrofits of all your existing surveillance: you might just learn one day that those cameras ONLY work with that vendor’s system. At which point, even if you’re unhappy with them as a provider, you’re probably stuck with them.

Here at Cloudastructure, we believe your surveillance should be about your needs, not ours. That’s why we’re camera agnostic: we’ll work with the existing camera system you already have*. BUT if you want to replace your cameras, or buy additional cameras, we’re your friend and we’re here to help. 

So let’s plan a shopping trip!  You pick out what surveillance cameras you like that fit  in your budget, and we’ll tell you what looks gooooood. We’ll start here, with this trusty whitepaper, "Best Cameras for AI Surveillance." That way, you will come to know the various  body models and their suitability for different applications such as:

  • Dome Cameras (Motorized Lens): These are popular for their flexibility and durability, making them a top choice for many surveillance needs. However, they may not be ideal for outdoor use due to the potential for rain to affect the lens.
  • Turret Cameras: Offering excellent night vision and a wider viewing angle, turret cameras are favored for specific surveillance needs, especially indoor applications.
  • Bullet Cameras: Designed for commercial outdoor use with extended IR capabilities, bullet cameras excel in outdoor installations with poor lighting conditions.

Choosing the right camera style should always depend on your specific requirements, not a vendor’s.   Find out more about each camera type and their applications, so you can make informed decisions for your new AI surveillance platform!

So you get reading, and we’ll warm up the car. 

And by the way: the next time a vendor is trying to cajole you into a vastly one-sided and expensive contract utilizing their proprietary cameras,  ask yourself why.  And tell them you don’t negotiate with terrorists.

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