Scaling Video Surveillance: Cloudastructure’s Breakout Solution

The cloud-based video surveillance from Cloudastructure allows cannabis companies to scale quickly as the market expands.

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Seems like every time a state legalizes cannabis, another municipal compliance officer gets their wings. Keeping up with stringent security and safety compliance regulations that vary by city, county and state can prove trying for even the most diligent farm or dispensary. Meanwhile, opening a new facility can carry major ramifications for existing company infrastructure as well, and frequently requires rebuilding security infrastructure from the ground up with each little expansion.

Rebuilding infrastructure is the opposite of scaling for success. Every day and every dollar spent trying to meet municipal laws—which are not infrequently at odds with each other—means lost growing time, lost production and lost revenue. But thanks to revolutionary (and now award-winning) Cloudastructure, there’s finally an affordable, cloud-based solution that offers our industry not only the ability to scale more rapidly, but improve your security and save money.

The "Keep Your Cameras" Solution By Cloudastructure

You know how it usually goes: a security provider developing cloud technology offers you a “free” security assessment, and that rapidly transforms into “Congrats! Here’s what you owe for this free assessment, and you have to buy all new cameras before we can help you with a cloud solution!”

Now there’s a company that actually means free assessment. Cloudastructure lets you keep your existing cameras and get a cloud solution, and even if you have some old cameras that just can’t do the job, they replace those for free. Their employees will even help you with installation. Trained to look for all sorts of safety or security concerns, Cloudastructure may even tap into some issues which you—the busy business owner—might have overlooked.

And then there’s the IT assistance. Considering most cannabis businesses do not have their own specialized IT departments, having leading Silicon Valley-based engineers take care of your video surveillance problems ensures optimization, reliability and security. That alone will likely take a tremendous load off the already overburdened shoulders of your own production team.

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