Cloudastructure releases Q3 Remote Guarding statistics

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MIAMI, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Cloudastructure released Q3 statistics for their award-winning integrated Remote Guarding software and global guard services and the results are impressive. With a full quarter of the fiscal calendar year to go, Cloudastructure's Remote Guarding services have grown by 68% from Q2 to Q3 2023.

Even more of note: despite only coming out of testing mid-Q2, global guard services are already 23% of the company's Recurring Monthly Revenue [RMR]. According to sales, Remote Guarding is now quoted on roughly 90% of all deals, and increases the size of each deal's recurring revenue by approximately 65%.

Last year, Cloudastructure made the strategic decision to build the first integrated Remote Guarding software in the industry and succeeded in a record eleven months. The cloud video surveillance company went on to win 8 Homeland Security ASTOR Awards for their cloud-based end-to-end solution feat in November 2022, as the first enterprise property management companies signed on. With strong word-of-mouth, the solution was also recently nominated for –and won – the Proptech Breakthrough Award for Residential Data Platform of the Year last month from their primary target market.

Property Management companies cited a variety of factors why the solution is the clear choice in their industry including:

  1. Cloud-based platform enables view of entire portfolio
  2. Camera agnostic policy is critical in an industry that frequently buys/sells locations
  3. Integrated Remote Guarding software/services renders the solution affordable with tremendous ROI.

Cloudastructure's global guard services fared equally well according to performance metrics. After an impressive debut quarter and despite substantial growth, Cloudastructure's Remote Guarding Service delivered:

  • Over 364,488 alerts across all customers promoting proactive security measures
  • 19,120 "Talk Downs" where remote guarding agents deterred potential incidents
  • Zero alerts escalated to "Suspicious" or Threatening activity.

Which means once again, Cloudastructure's solution has offered an unprecedented 100% deterrence for customers, thereby reducing losses while increasing safety.

Cloudastructure CRO Lauren O'Brien commented, "Remote Guarding has proven to be not only a game changer for our customers, and for us as well, as a company. We owe a lot to our CTO, Gregory Rayzman and his team, who built this innovative solution, as well as Rohit Dhillon and Laura Jermyn who have spearheaded the launch of our global guard services."

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