Post-Pandemic Intelligence: Why More Enterprises Are Embracing Cloud-Based Security

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By Rick Bentley, CEO, Cloudastructure

Want to see an industry that is a good example of where video surveillance security is headed? Look no further than the cannabis industry.

Most states require cannabis businesses to record activity in every area of their enterprise with clear images showing customer and employee activity, plus cash registers and product sales. License plate recognition technologies are likely to be in high demand as drive-thru dispensaries become prevalent.

The cannabis industry is among the growing trend of spaces moving from on-premises video surveillance to cloud-based technologies. Other industries, including law enforcement, hospitality, and health care, have seen their need for remote access to video surveillance increase as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many employees are no longer able or willing to go to work on-premises.

COVID-19 Resources and Strategies

The constantly changing protocols during the early days of the pandemic were difficult for customers and businesses. Lockdowns and restrictions have shown the power and capabilities of cloud-based systems and their ability to deliver increased performance for organizations of all sizes. Many enterprises turned to artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions to monitor the presence of face masks and the adherence of social distancing protocols.

As protocols continue to be eased, leaders face the challenge of reallocating these resources and adjusting strategies. For the cannabis industry and others, the AI/ML features available through cloud-based security systems can support other efforts. These enterprises need to manage and monitor multiple locations from a single device.

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