Multifamily Crime Poll: Significant Increases in Crime in 2023

Significant Increases in Crime in 2023, according to Cloudastructure's Multifamily Crime Poll

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We want to thank everyone who submitted an answer in our first Multifamily Crime Poll! The results are in, and bear contemplating, because 2023 brought a surge of concerns related to crime. Our survey sheds a little light on the specific safety issues that took center stage in 2023.

The survey included three questions about crime on multifamily properties:

According to the survey, a whopping 27.3% of respondents reported an increase of more than 25% in crime on their multifamily properties, while an additional 54.5% noted an uptick compared to the previous year. A smaller 18.2% mentioned that crime rates remained relatively unchanged. None said that crime had decreased on their properties.

Property managers were asked to rank their top three safety concerns, with a clear consensus emerging. The most pressing concern, identified by a staggering 73% of respondents, was car break-ins. This issue took the top spot, indicating a widespread worry among property managers about the vulnerability of residents' vehicles, which can produce liability, or more notably, vacancy issues at a property if management is unable to secure the grounds.

Car break-ins, and more notably car theft are an issue everywhere in the United States. According to the 2023 Council on Criminal Justice crime report, the average rate of motor vehicle theft in a sample of 34 American cities was 29% higher in 2023 than 2022, and 105% higher in 2023 than in 2019.

The second concern varied, with 36% of property managers highlighting trespassing or unhoused individuals as a major worry, followed closely by package theft at 18%. Car break-ins remained a prominent issue for 27% of respondents, along with 9% each for bike theft and vandalism. The diversity in concerns showcases the multifaceted nature of safety challenges faced by multifamily properties.

The third-ranking concerns further highlighted the complexity of safety issues. Trespassing and unhoused individuals took the lead at 36%, followed by vandalism at the same percentage. Bike theft and package theft shared the third spot at 18%, indicating a notable shift in priorities compared to the top two concerns.

When asked if there was a particular region where properties experienced more problems or losses, 63.6% of respondents stated that the issues were prevalent everywhere. However, 18% identified the West as a problematic region, with 9% each pointing to the South and Midwest. This regional breakdown emphasizes the importance of considering location-specific factors when implementing security measures.

Leveraging technology and real-time monitoring emerges as a valuable asset in tackling multifamily property crime. With the ability to detect and respond promptly to security threats, Remote Guarding offers a proactive approach to maintaining the safety and well-being of residents.

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