Making the Switch to Cloud-based Video Surveillance and Why it’s Important

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The cloud-based video surveillance market has seen considerable growth in 2021, and yet there are still many reluctant businesses. It is estimated that 90% of companies have not made the move to cloud yet and are still relying on antiquated technology to secure their businesses.

Most of this inaction stems from a false thinking that the cloud is less secure than traditional systems and a general lack of understanding on the concept of the cloud. Many do not realize that many aspects of their business already operate in the cloud. With this in mind, cloud based video surveillance shouldn’t be far behind as businesses already use it to secure some aspect of their business. It is estimated that 94% of companies use the cloud for daily computing operations and 30% of IT budgets are dedicated to these systems.

The Benefits Gained from Cloud-Based Security Systems

With Cloudastructure’s security services, the decision to switch to a cloud-based security system doesn’t involve a steep learning curve. Many of its features involve familiar steps found in daily computer work. This reduces the need for extensive training to become proficient in a cloud-based system.

For instance, Cloudastructure allows users to go through footage with the help of specific tags such as ‘person’, name of someone, ‘dog’, and others. When you are looking for an event, searching through footage is more efficient by employing these search terms. It works similar to Google search results. Just as Google indexes things on the web so you search for things, we allow you to search through your video to find what you are looking for. This way you won’t waste time looking for what you need and be stuck re-watching footage that’s not helpful.

As well, cloud-based security systems are not tied to and limited to a building. Users can login to a secure online portal and see what’s happening at any given time. This gives flexibility and ease to business owners no matter if they are stuck at home or on vacation. In addition, there’s no being stuck with business or building hours when you need to check-in on your business. You now have constant access to your business's security footage.

With the pandemic winding down, businesses are still dedicated to keeping their customers safe. With Cloudastructure’s system, companies can detect whether or not people are keeping their social distance, wearing a mask, and if they have a temperature. We can also tell how many people are in a space to control the number of people in an area. All these tools are designed to help businesses open safely during a pandemic.

And yet, the benefits do not stop there. Improving the overall security of a business’s premise is something we dedicate ourselves to doing. By using a cloud-based video surveillance system, your business is sure to enjoy a higher degree of protection. Here is just a sample of some of these benefits:

  • a reduced chance of cyber attacks
  • the application of two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption should a hack be detected
  • quick reaction times to live incidents and constant vigilance  
  • all footage stored beyond the computer’s hard drive is protected even if a hack occurs

An Easy Switch

Whether it's cloud computing or cloud-based surveillance systems, businesses already have more familiarity with the cloud than they initially realize. Once companies make that connection, the switch from NVR/DVR systems will happen and it’s realistic to predict tremendous growth in cloud-based systems. The cloud has always been part of doing business. Now it’s time to enjoy the numerous benefits of using it for security and surveillance purposes.

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