Illegal Dumping: Why You Need A Real Time Solution To Waste

Explore an updated approach to solving the illegal dumping problem, incorporating advanced technologies like AI surveillance and remote guarding.

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Illegal dumping remains a persistent issue for multifamily residential properties, often overlooked and under addressed. As individuals take advantage of the anonymity afforded by these bustling spaces, property owners face increased costs for dumpster services, including potential penalties for exceeding trash limits. This blog explores an updated approach to solving the illegal dumping problem, incorporating advanced technologies like AI surveillance and remote guarding.

Understanding Illegal Dumping:

Illegal dumping involves the unauthorized disposal of waste on a property, impacting both multifamily residential complexes and retail centers. Perpetrators may include non-residents, former residents, or even employees looking to dispose of items without adhering to proper waste disposal protocols.

Why is Illegal Dumping a Problem?

The consequences of illegal dumping extend beyond the financial burden on property owners. Mismanagement of waste can contaminate bins, rendering recyclable materials unusable, while  e-waste from lithium batteries and potent cleaning products can compound, turn gaseous, and start a fire. Additionally, limited space for waste on the property leaves residents and employees with insufficient disposal options. Violations of city rules regarding large items and electronics waste disposal can result in penalties, adding to the overall cost for property owners.

Costs associated with combating illegal dumping can be substantial, with some properties paying thousands per month to address the issue effectively.

Updated Solutions for Preventing Illegal Dumping:

  • Physical Barriers: Motion-based lighting is inexpensive and easy to install. Well-lit waste disposal areas enclosed by fences or locks can deter potential dumpers. 
  • Access Control on Dumpster Areas: While locking dumpster areas can be inconvenient, it provides better control over waste disposal access, helping to avoid penalties associated with exceeding trash limits.
  • AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding: Enabling video surveillance of the waste disposal area with AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding  offers a real time, proactive solution to illegal dumping. AI-powered cameras issue alerts when someone is going to the dumpster. Remote Guards can check who is dumping what, and deter as well as fine those who are most egregious in waste dumping. 

Education Programs: Empower residents, retailers, and employees with knowledge. Creating awareness about guidelines for waste disposal can contribute to a culture of responsibility.


The fight against illegal dumping requires a multifaceted and technologically advanced approach. Integrating AI surveillance and remote guarding into waste management strategies not only addresses the financial implications but also enhances overall property security. By combining physical deterrents, education programs, and cutting-edge technologies, property owners can create a more sustainable and secure environment while effectively combating the illegal dumping problem. 

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