Here’s Why Cloud-based Video Surveillance Is More Secure

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Ever since the cloud has been used to seamlessly store footage, security companies have been encouraging their clients to use it. Despite this, many businesses have been hesitant to upgrade their security systems from a traditional air-gapped network video recorder (NVR) to cloud-based. As these familiar systems still did the job and functioned, there was little incentive to make the change to new technology.

Some concern continues to remain around the risks of cyber security from using the cloud. With this uncertainty, it’s useful to discuss how cloud based security compares to traditional NVR/DVR systems for securing a business.  

The Failings of Traditional Systems and How Cloud-Based Systems are More Secure

Pre-pandemic, almost all businesses used NVR or digital video recorder (DVR) systems. And yet, there were obvious limitations and impracticalities to this system for securing businesses. These include:

  • footage is not accessible for remote viewing,
  • delayed response time to live incidents,
  • easy to hack once IP address configured to VPN and ports are enabled for website access to a wifi security camera, and
  • relying on IT departments to manage security, making it impractical for updating firmware and ensuring all footage remains secure.

Cloud-based security offers several advantages over NVR/DVR systems that make switching an easy decision. This was especially applicable during the pandemic when the majority of the workforce moved to remote work. The benefits of moving to the cloud include and are not limited to:

  • increased vigilance and faster reaction times,
  • lowers the risk of cyber attacks,
  • easy to install,
  • seamless application of ‘security patches’ when a risk is detected with end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication,
  • ensures that video stored beyond the camera’s hard drive is protected even if a hack happens,
  • fosters a culture of risk mitigation, which focuses on how to improve the system instead of believing that the system is 100% secure,
  • no more extensive Google searches looking for a solution to a problem and trying to fix it with limited knowledge,
  • no more relying on the help of unverified third party tech support, and
  • businesses gain a dedicated support team who have their best interests in mind.

Cloud Technology Leading the Way to a Secure Future

Security concerns all but disappear with cloud-based technology. The ease in updating, patching, and monitoring give it a huge advantage over traditional NVR and DVR systems. The culture of risk avoidance it installs in businesses using the cloud is not to be understated. We live in an uncertain world and yet cloud-based video surveillance is the most effective at keeping the system operational and businesses as secure as possible.

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