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We are fully compliant with the NDAA. Cloudastructure stays in compliance with the latest guidelines.

Cloudastructure is NDAA compliant

After an internal inventory audit, we’re proud to announce that all Cloudastructure hardware is fully NDAA compliant.  

What does that mean?

Well, the NDAA measure, known officially as the John McCain National Defense Authorization Act restricts the “use, procurement, or sale of certain brands of surveillance equipment to, or on behalf of, federal agencies due to  the manufacturers being designated by the Secretary of Defense as entities "owned or controlled by, or otherwise connected to, the government of a covered foreign country."

Camera brands that NDAA Section 889 specifically bans include:

  1.       Huawei Technologies Company
  2.       ZTE Corporation
  3.       Hytera Communications Corporation
  4.       Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company
  5.       Dahua Technology Company

The ban also includes the chips and components, as well as many brands affiliated with, or under the umbrella of, these companies. A more thorough list of NDAA banned surveillance equipment can be found here.

NDAA compliant hardware for government/regulated industry clients

The minimal hardware Cloudastructure uses -- specifically in our Cloud Video Recorder (CVR) -- consists of recommended components, most of which are made or assembled here in the USA. This includes an Intel NUC small form factor CVR and our Rackmounts server CVR.

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as entities and agencies funded by government such as schools, public safety entities, etc. – can feel confident knowing that Cloudastructure is an NDAA compliant company that utilizes only NDAA compliant hardware. Our cloud-based security surveillance and smart parking solutions were and are secure from unscrupulous manufacturers.

What if my cameras aren’t NDAA compliant?

If you’re not a government funded agency, nor do you have contracts with government agencies, you’re under no obligation to purchase NDAA compliant hardware. Cloudastructure is not a camera producer, unlike our competition.  We are in fact, “camera agnostic,” as in, if you like the cameras you already have, and you are not a government funded entity, you can keep them and still utilize our system.

That said, if you were unaware these cameras and their components are banned for government use, and you’re uncomfortable with the possibility of a backdoor to your data, Cloudastructure is here to help. In fact, our partner IPG can scan your entire network to detect any bad actors. Contact us today. We’re willing and ready to assist you.

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