Ever Feel Like Your Video Surveillance Provider Holds You Hostage?

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At Cloudastructure, we are interested in forming partnerships, not taking hostages. Yes. Bold statements are easy to make. So let Cloudastructure prove it.  

First, we are camera agnostic. We don't have proprietary cameras that we require you to purchase to enable our cloud-based surveillance solution. We know that you most likely have cameras installed and would like to leverage this investment. You do not want to rip them out and replace them, especially if they are working for you. We think it’s important that you keep the cameras you want and purchase the cameras you want. Let me say that again... you bought the cameras, they belong to you.  We have no rights to them.  Nor, frankly, does anyone else.  So you have your cameras, or you know what cameras you want.  Great. Enough said. So let’s talk about how to store the captured video from your cameras. At Cloudastructure we do it easily, inexpensively, and securely, in the cloud and eliminate the need to make or maintain exceptions on your security appliance.

Second, we require no contracts.  At Cloudastructure, you want out, you can get out with no penalties. We've all been in enough relationships to know that sometimes, they end.  While we would hate to see anyone go, we understand that sometimes people, companies, and relationships part ways.  We would naturally want to know why you are going and what we could do to make things better.  But, if you decide that our cloud video solution isn’t for you any more, we thank you for your business and stop billing you.  

Let me say this again:

We don’t require contracts, you can go month to month if you want.

We don't take your system hostage.  

We don't brick your cameras.  

We don't inconvenience you.  

We don't make you purchase and re-install new cameras or hire someone to take down the old ones.  

We part ways when you want to.  

These don't seem like ground breaking ideas.  They are logical to me.  Maybe treating people the way we’d like to be treated is an old fashioned concept. However, I've been in sales a long time, and I still know and talk regularly to some of the customers that I knew when I first started out as a fledgling sales person.  Because no matter if they bought the system I was selling or not, no matter if they continued doing business with my company or not, I viewed our relationship as long term.  

Hostage taking is a turn and burn mentality.  There is no value there.  Personally, I'd rather build lasting relationships with customers.  I'd rather provide value than take a company hostage.  That's why I work for Cloudastructure. They feel the same way I do.  They treat their employees, customers and partners with dignity and respect.  

Want to see for yourself?  I'd be happy to tell you more, feel free to reach out and see a demo for yourself.  Yes, I'm a real person! You can contact me on LinkedIn, email me or reach me directly on my office line.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about Cloudastructure.

Heather Morgan

Senior Account Executive

Cell: 650-204-0720


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