AI Surveillance startup is Residential Data Management Platform of the Year

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Miami, FL – August 10, 2023. Today, the Proptech Breakthrough Awards announced that AI Surveillance startup Cloudastructure has won Residential Data Management Platform of the Year. Other winners in the Proptech Breakthrough Awards include proptech giant Zillow and multifamily giant BH Management. 

The startup’s win in the data management platform category was something of a surprise, as the category spans the breadth of all property technology of all kinds. But multifamily security was on the minds of judges. They acknowledged that Cloudastructure’s AI Surveillance with seamless Remote Guarding technology is making a seminal shift in multifamily security, by transforming ordinary surveillance systems into real time, crime-fighting tools. 

Equally noteworthy for judges was Cloudastructure’s ROI for multifamily customers. With one license, minimal hardware, and multiple remote guarding options, property management companies can:

  • Achieve end-to-end security in real time
  • Transform their security into an asset, reducing vacancies
  • Save on staff resources 
  • Save on on-prem guard costs by as much as 40%
  • Recoup costs for unlawful waste, property damage, and illegal tenancy. 

On average, Cloudastructure saves a property management with 50 locations an estimated $3.5 million per year.

Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley commented, “With this award, we are officially recognized not only as Proptech, but as the Proptech security platform of choice, and for that we have to thank the judges. Having seamless AI Surveillance and Remote Guarding on a lone platform was a detour worth taking, and we built this unique and vital asset so that companies can stop theft, losses, and violence on their sites.  We are equally grateful to companies like CONAM and Trinity for being the first to recognize the ROI Cloudastructure offers multifamily property management and putting their trust in us.”  

Melissa Coleman,  Senior VP of Asset Management at CONAM, was one of the first in the property management space to recognize and adopt Cloudastructure’s AI Surveillance within their portfolio. 

She commented, “CONAM found that Cloudastructure’s solution fills what has historically been a technology gap in our industry and is consistent with our goal of actively monitoring and managing our communities.  We are excited to continue our partnership with the company.”

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