Edmonton Police Foundation eyes Cloud Video Surveillance Solution

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Miami, FL –  September 21, 2023. Today, sponsor HeroX and the Edmonton Police Foundation announced that Cloudastructure’s proposal is among the ten selected to advance to the finals in their Safe Cities competition.

More than 50 startups and individuals presented their vision of how cities could leverage data, technology, and artificial intelligence to improve safety and livability within cities. The rules included strict caveats that each solution could only leverage products that are commercially available today, and included a schedule for deployment and a breakdown of all CapEx and ongoing costs. 

Backed by a cloud-based AI/ML platform that has already proven to be a darling with judges everywhere, Cloudastructure’s “Predict, Prevent and Protect” proposal offered the vision of a public/private partnership that sends municipal and private sector surveillance data to the cloud. Once there, computer vision with AI/ML technologies go to work identifying potential security anomalies and safety breaches and sends them on as alerts to Remote Guards for review and determination whether a talk down is necessary to deter any would-be perpetrators.  

With a 93% deterrence rate and a 95+% apprehension rate, the end-to-end solution could amply protect:

  • Public infrastructure
  • Municipal, commercial and retail structures
  • Provide smart parking and live traffic monitoring
  • Safety at and around construction zones within the city limits.

Lauren OBrien, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloudastructure, commented, “We are thrilled to advance to the final round and thank the judges, as well as Joe DeAngelis here at Cloudastructure who spearheaded this proposal.

“There are so many urban challenges that AI surveillance can solve when it’s paired with policy regarding privacy and retains human beings as the final arbiters of human malfeasance. That’s our vision with ‘Predict, Prevent and Protect’, as well as our goal as we help to shape how AI surveillance is utilized to create safer, smarter communities.” 

Cloudastructure and the other nine finalists will meet with judges in Edmonton on September 20th for the next round of the competition. 

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