Four Major Companies Partner with AI Surveillance Provider

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Miami, FL – December 1, 2022 Today, Cloudastructure announced their recent wins in South America. The news comes just on the heels of the AI Surveillance provider announcing their first foray into Canada and the UK as well.


Four major multisite businesses have signed on for Cloudastructure’s cloud-based AI security platform in order to:


  • Standardize their security
  • Optimize operations
  • Reduce losses in real time
  • And protect clients, staff, and property.


INFOTEC-SIETE 24, a premiere Integrator in the region, is deploying the Cloudastructure solution with two enterprise clients: a well-known oil company that intends to utilize the system to review issues of contamination of equipment, and a leading university that wishes to protect students from unwanted visitors to their campuses. 


Another integrator in the region has engaged with Cloudastructure on behalf of a leading supermarket chain, and SIMSES has employed Cloudastructure’s AI solution on behalf of a jewelry store chain. All wish to track thieves inside the premises as well as loitering and suspicious activity just outside their stores. 


Cloudastructure has hired a team in Colombia to oversee implementation as well as provide ongoing service to clients. 


Frank Ortiz, lead engineer for SIMSES commented, “I selected Cloudastructure Inc. as an option to develop a project for 17 jewelry stores in Colombia because it is a company that meets the needs of my client. The solution is cloud-based, which is important for enterprises with more than one location.  It is also easy to use, has top notch analytics and the reporting makes responding to events more efficient. The greatest opportunities for my clients with this solution lies in the digitization and automation of their security processes.”


Chief Revenue Officer Lauren OBrien was instrumental in delivering the company’s first South American clients. She commented, “We couldn’t be more proud to have such a warm welcome in Colombia. Unmitigated losses can ruin a business, and that has a ripple effect on the economy as a whole. With our security platform, our clients receive real-time alerts on theft, unauthorized access to restricted areas, and anomalies that are occurring within their buildings or on their grounds, wherever they have cameras, enabling them to prevent losses immediately. At Cloudastructure, we’re proud to be their new security partner, and I would like to pay particular tribute to our new team on the ground here, Mario and Gabriela Camargo, without whom none of this would’ve been possible. We have infinite faith in them, and look forward to expanding our footprint here for years to come.” 

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