Award-Winning Cloud-based AI Surveillance Company Announces Host of New Solutions

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Miami, FL –  March 23, 2022 – Today, Cloudastructure, the award-winning, cloud-based AI video surveillance provider, announced a new array of innovative, cloud-based security solutions, insulated from both physical and cyber security risk. The unique platform ensures that offices, facilities, parking structures, and even production environments are monitored and protected from bad actors.

Cloudastructure meanwhile remains committed to its value proposition: simple month-to-month contracts and unlimited support, all without pricey hardware retrofits.

Smart Surveillance

Cloudastructure’s flagship, cloud-based AI surveillance solution has added a host of new features: age and gender prediction, clothing color, people counting, advanced LPR, vehicle counting, and vehicle color, as well as popular UI and security features such as digital PTZ controls and Single Sign On. The solution can be white labeled by security integrators as well.  

The platform’s rapid growth in AI-driven features, combined with a state-of-the-art user interface, has been a remarkable testament to the company’s engineering team, who were recently honored at the global Cloud Awards for designing the 2022 “Security Innovation of the Year.”  The team noted that their efforts to meet the needs of individual customers has resulted in more optimized workflows: Cloudastructure now has had a number of features go from client requests to product demos within days.

Smart Parking

In partnership with Cloudastructure’s Smart Surveillance or as a standalone solution, the company’s Smart Parking solution enables AI-based automation of parking challenges, including: availability, usage, cordon counts, and license plate recognition. The system vastly reduces labor-intensive tasks while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. API databases can be added to ensure management is alerted to suspicious vehicles on the premises.  

IoT Security

Cloudastructure’s GearboxTM protects customers from threats both invisible to humans and even surveillance cameras: Gearbox is the first cybersecurity tool designed to secure and protect Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) devices from vulnerabilities, as well as compliance challenges such as NDAA.  Purpose-built to help operational and industrial technology operators secure their OT networks, the unique architecture simplifies cybersecurity so assessments can be run by the very staff that operates them.

Remote Guarding

At the end of the day, all security systems require human intervention, so to complete that confluence of offerings, Cloudastructure has partnered with notable integrator Edgeworth Security to offer Remote Guarding, an economical, hands-free, comprehensive security solution that combines award-winning AI surveillance with trained agents at a U.S.-based monitoring station to respond to all notifications or suspicious activity in real time. The agents assess the situation and notify bad actors they are being watched and recorded (as well as notify law enforcement when necessary). The system is so successful that a full 99% of suspects are apprehended at a mere 60% of the costs associated with traditional on-premises guards.

The combination of physical and cyber security solutions is unique within the security industry, and has already attracted international attention.

International Expansion

Cloudastructure’s freshly packaged security solutions attracted the attention of renowned security integrator Servicios Tacticos de Seguridad [SERTACSE]. SERTACSE subsequently engaged Cloudastructure to be their exclusive cloud-based security provider throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Their client list includes dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Merck, Pfizer, Cisco, Grainger, and Oracle, as well as the national bank of Panama and the Banco Central of Costa Rica, as well as multiple government ministries and facilities throughout the region.

Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley commented, “The very nature of enterprise security is coming to the point where the delineation between physical and cyber security is immaterial. At Cloudastructure, we are leaning into that reality by offering solutions that consider ALL risk – be it a bad actor in the lobby or a ghost in the machine. Offering physical security without cyber, or cyber without physical, is arguably neither, because in today’s world you’re creating as many new holes as you are as patches in the dam.”

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About Cloudastructure:

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with R&D in Silicon Valley, California, Cloudastructure’s award-winning surveillance video management system is designed and supported by world-class technical resources drawn from five continents. The platform’s unique architecture enables AI and computer vision for scalable, flexible, cost-effective security and eliminates the resource-intensive management and data risks of on-premises solutions. Cloudastructure enables a unified view of multiple sites for motion, facial recognition/detection, anomaly detection, object counting, LPR, advanced analytics, and compliance and delivers up to a 75% lower total cost of ownership than other systems. For more information, visit

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