Award-winning Cloud-based AI Surveillance Now Offers Live Monitoring

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Miami, FL – March 29, 2022  – Today, Cloudastructure announced the company’s new global remote guarding service as an additional option for enterprise customers. 

The addition is significant. Cloudastructure is the first and only Cloud-based surveillance platform that offers:

  • A complete cloud-based infrastructure with VMS
  • Superior AI analytics performed in the cloud for greater computational accuracy
  • Seamless Remote Guarding software to “Voice Down” perpetrators
  • And now a team of guards that can respond to all alerts to threats

Which means the company is the only complete, end-to-end solution.

Cloudastructure went on to announce the new, professionally trained live-monitoring team will be globally-based, rather than working from a centralized location. Because the video surveillance platform is cloud-based, there is no need to access localized hardware or software typically found at a centralized monitoring station. 

The diversification of guarding duties overcomes a number of familiar hurdles in the industry. In the event a guard is having bandwidth issues, another can immediately take over. Additionally, every guard can operate within normal, daytime work hours, wherever they are. This ensures they are awake and alert, rather than potentially suffering from the fatigue that comes with working third shift positions. 

Cloudastructure noted the service is simply another option for customers that wish to streamline. Cloudastructure will continue to work with guard and monitoring station partners alike that wish to utilize their award-winning Video Management System (VMS) and Remote Guarding software, as well as offer the ability for companies to utilize their own internal security teams for monitoring.

Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley commented, “Our new remote guarding team was instrumental in the testing phase of our Remote Guarding platform and they are already proving to be equally effective for customers. We are proud to offer the most decorated, end-to-end cloud-based AI Surveillance platform in the industry, and we will continue to innovate and deliver affordable proactive security to any enterprise business that needs it.” 

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