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Cloudastructure, Inc. — Providing cloud-controlled video surveillance systems to enterprises

Enterprise security systems have evolved tremendously over the past few decades. They’re not just limited to on-premises hardware and software but now also run on the cloud, leveraging the power of AI and machine learning. Cloud-based video surveillance allows you to see what’s going on at any given moment, which means added security for your business. And cloud-based video solutions are much more reliable as they don’t have any risk of theft or damage to equipment.

Founded in 2003, Cloudastructure has been a proven leader in cloud video surveillance systems. It delivers intelligent, cyber-secure, cloud-based video surveillance systems to protect businesses of all sizes.​ Cloudastructure supports your installation efforts, either helping your internal facilities staff, introducing local installation partners, or taking responsibility for delivering a turnkey solution seamlessly. We interviewed Rick Bentley, the Founder and CEO of Cloudastructure, Inc. to understand more about the company and its services. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

What does Cloudastructure provide, and how does it benefit its customers?

Cloudastructure provides cloud-controlled video surveillance solutions to businesses. Our team, comprised of tech veterans and impressive new AI/ML talent, has worked with cloud-based systems since before “cloud” was an industry term! We harness the power of machine learning to index all of the cloud-based surveillance data (just like Google indexes the internet to make it easily searchable). The result? You have all of your surveillance data on one secure and robust platform that allows you to access it by any custom search filter (like “person,” “mask,” “vehicle,” etc.).

How are your solutions reliable and secure?

Because our solution is in the cloud, it’s more reliable and secure. Data is encrypted in transit (via HTTPS) to Google Cloud Platform and at rest. Because the data is stored, it’s not going to be at risk of physical damage that comes from a flood or fire. Also, on-premises solutions require a hole in the firewall to access the surveillance footage, which opens up the network to hacking threats.

Detail us on how a single view for multiple sites is helpful.

If you have to log in to each location to view, it can be time-consuming and not unified. Multi-site operators typically want one view of all locations at the same time. Most modern laws require businesses to employ extensive surveillance systems that can help them monitor every nook and corner of their premises. This requires them to set up multiple cameras over different locations. Logging in to each location to view footage from individual cameras is both tedious and inefficient. Cloudastructure allows you to view footage from all locations on one unified tab for maximum efficiency. With Cloudastructure, you can have all the information you need, right on your screen, at all times.

Explain Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concept.

Cloudastructure’s pioneering technology helps businesses adopt comprehensive surveillance systems for a fraction of what they would otherwise cost. This extremely low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is due to our cloud storage’s ingenious features that help with both one-time savings and long-term savings.

One time savings:

  •    No License fees
  •    Low equipment capital required (no need to purchase onsite storage or servers)
  •    Quicker, and hence cheaper to deploy (comes up DHCP, no networking issues)
  •    The system integrates with all existing cameras on your network

Long term savings

  •    Ongoing technical support included
  •    No network management
  •    No VPN, open, unsecured ports in the firewall, port forwarding in the router
  •    A lifetime service warranty on the equipment

How is Cloudastructure accessible anywhere and everywhere?

Anywhere you have an internet connection and a smart device or computer, you’ll be able to access 100% of your data because it’s in the cloud. Cloudastructure makes this possible through the magic of the World Wide Web! We store all of your surveillance data on a cloud-based server (powered by Amazon’s GCP) that can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. A great example of a cloud-based server is Google’s ‘Drive,’ which lets you store and manage data on a virtual storage disk. Cloudastructure stores your data in a similar (but completely secure and private) drive that only you have access to. With the right login credentials, you can access this virtual cloud from anywhere, through any digital device.

What are the benefits of using Cloudastructure’s video surveillance systems?

Cloudastructure’s ingenious video surveillance system offers many benefits that give your security solutions the edge they need.

  •    Scalability: Our unified view screens and cloud-based storage systems are ideal for businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to multinational corporations.
  •    Digital Security: Unlike local server-based systems, cloud-based systems don’t require holes or backdoors in the system for you to be able to access them. This greatly reduces the risk of a virtual breach in your system.
  •    Physical security: The absence of physical storage on-premises eliminates the risk of theft or damage due to fire, flooding, etc.
  •    Reduced equipment and maintenance cost: Cloud-based servers eliminate the need for the time, money, and manpower it would take to physically service the IT systems. Cloudastructure manages the little upkeep and maintenance the cloud servers do need.

Brief us about AI analytic features.

In addition to the robust administrative and security features, Cloudastructure is rolling out many new AI analytics for its enterprise customers. AI analytics features include anomaly detection and rule-based alerts (based on key factors such as time of motion, person, license plate, etc.). Powerful new search capabilities such as search by color (of vehicle, for example) are also included. Our advanced detection capabilities will help organizations monitor vehicles and objects with features like object counting, license plate recognition (LPR), wrong-way detection, and color detection. It will also help them recognize people with features like people counting, line crossing, people wearing a facemask vs. no facemask, and gender/age detection.

How has COVID-19 changed the way you do business?  

If anything, the pandemic has accelerated the shift toward virtual business management systems. Cloud-based security has swiftly evolved from a niche into an essential corporate utility that lets businesses exhaustively manage their surveillance systems outside the physical premises.

Which industries do you work for and why?

Property management, education, and the budding cannabis industry form a major chunk of Cloudastructure’s core clientele. Our high-efficiency surveillance systems allow cannabis businesses to meet the stringent security and compliance requirements prescribed by the government. Property management companies, schools, and universities can also use Cloudastructure’s innovative solutions to improve their emergency response measures and ensure students’ safety. For example, our unified view allows administrators to monitor various areas of the campus at the same time.

Meet the CEO

Rick Bentley is the Founder and CEO of Cloudastructure, Inc. He’s a formidable figure in Silicon Valley: one of the pioneers of surveillance tech, he was formerly the CEO of Televoke, a first-of-its-kind telematics software notification, control, and tracking services provider. Televoke’s promising ideas and technological prowess earned it funding from finance giants like SoftBank and WI Harper. Rick started ruminating on the revolutionary idea of using the cloud to supplement surveillance systems back in 2003. As a result, he came up with Cloudastructure, the market leader in intelligent surveillance and cloud-based footage storage systems.

“Our team comprises both tech sector veterans and rising stars in the fields of AI, ML, and surveillance. Based in Silicon Valley, our team has been building and hosting cloud-based systems before “cloud” was a term.”

“Our solutions are both more reliable and secure than the legacy solutions from the billion-dollar competition, and they come with more advanced technology. Despite the power of our solutions, they are also the easiest to install in the industry.”

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