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What are the benefits of moving your security surveillance to the cloud? The cloud offers unlimited scalability as you grow your business, as well as redundancy and security, all at an economical cost.

Scaling Security in the Cloud

Every company aims to grow. But every acquisition, new facility you build, even a new addition means additional security cameras, too. Logic that out, and you end up needing more cameras, more storage, more access to IT resources to convert your surveillance footage into actionable information that can help your business.

Cloud video surveillance allows you to:

  • Improve storage and administration capabilities as needed
  • Unify your footage on a lone platform
  • Access/Remove additional resources during high/low volume hours
  • Add additional resources to manage increased burdens
  • Utilize AI/ML for rapid search and analytics customizable to your business

With Cloudastructure as your surveillance partner, you achieve this without lifting a finger. Conversely, attempting to achieve this with on-premises servers requires not only a heavy capital expenditure upfront, but constant monitoring and maintenance from your IT team, ie, more money. Those are major budgetary costs to add to a department that doesn’t generate revenue.

Cloud Redundancy

As Google’s own website states, storage in the public cloud is designed for 99.999999999% annual durability, which is appropriate for even primary storage and business-critical applications.  Cloud Storage must be redundantly stored in at least two different availability zones before the write is acknowledged as successful. Simply put, all your data isn’t just in one location: it’s in three locations. So even if there was a fire at one data center, your data would be safe. Conversely, if there’s a fire at your facility and the servers for your surveillance are lost, you may have an expensive and time-consuming problem, especially if you have compliance requirements.

Security in the Public Cloud

The public clouds are safer than on-prem or even private cloud systems, too. All the major clouds -- Google, AWS, and Azure -- offer a degree of physical and cybersecurity that would be cost-prohibitive to any one company alone. They can do this because the cost is spread across a vast array of customers.

Physical Security at the Data Center:

  • Guards and gates
  • Access control, monitoring, and authentication inside the facility
  •  Controlled access only a small number of security-screened employees
  • Visitor pre-screening, multi-step authentication and monitoring

Cybersecurity in the Cloud:

  • Monitoring/security alerts raised by the cloud platform
  • Network security issues logged and kept for review for 30-60 days
  • Companies can export those alerts for long-term storage as needed
  • Full IT security suite for cloud companies:
  • Denial of service offering
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Network intrusion detection monitoring
  • Background processes for review of security posture

Cloudastructure Goes the Extra Mile

And all of this is before you get to Cloudastructure’s simple and elegant solution, where a Cloud Video Recorder sends your surveillance data securely to the cloud on a network that is inaccessible to the outside world. Let alone the award-winning AI and analytics capabilities you enjoy as your data arrives. And then there’s the cost, which is a full 75% lower Total Cost of Ownership than on-prem systems, as well as a massive savings compared to competitors that require pricey retrofits with their proprietary cameras.

Get your head in the cloud and come try us. You’re gonna like what you see.

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