Cloudastructure Grows Subscription Service and Hardware Revenue 101% YOY

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Miami, FL –  August 8, 2023. Today, Cloudastructure released Q1 and Q2 statistics for sales, as well as debut statistics of their new integrated Remote Guarding software and global guard services. 

The sales statistics were encouraging: by the end of Q2 2023, Cloudastructure achieved a 101% increase in subscription services and hardware sales over the same period in 2022. Subscription services are defined as use of the Cloudastructure’s AI surveillance platform, remote guarding, and access control services. 

The company attributed the increase in sales to a variety of factors:

  1. Escalating traction within a multibillion dollar real estate market
  2. Significant growth in the company’s new Remote Guarding software and services 
  3. Increase demand for new surveillance camera products

The statistic is particularly enticing because the company’s new integrated Remote Guarding capabilities and services were only available to a limited number of customers until mid Q2 2023. Despite that limited release of Cloudastructure’s most recent capabilities, the company nevertheless saw over a 100% increase in subscriptions in the first two quarters.  The company noted at their annual shareholder meeting in February 2023 that their new hardware offerings, combined with Remote Guarding software and services, has the potential to increase each deal by as much as 75%.  

Meanwhile, the debut statistics for the company’s Remote Guarding services are also proving to be a game changer for property management customers. 

Cloudastructure’s Remote Guarding Service delivered:

  • Over 119,000 alerts across all customers promoting proactive security measures
  • 7,005 “Talk Downs” where remote guarding agents deterred potential incidents
  • Of the 7,005 “Talk Down’s”, 1,260 were deemed “Suspicious”, requiring a more direct warning letting would-be assailants know they are being watched and recorded. 

The Results: in every case, the individual in question ceased what they were doing once they were aware they were being monitored in real time.In other words, Cloudastructure’s cloud video surveillance platform and remote guarding services offered 100% deterrence to their customers, reducing losses while increasing safety. 

Buoyed customers in return delivered a 100% Net Promoter Score for Cloudastructure’s platform and services. 

Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley commented, “We are on a path that can potentially put a serious dent in crime in this country. Our AI services combined with human guards for detailed appraisal and intervention is powerful. Our end-to-end security solution is delivering real ROI to customers by putting a stop to the vast majority of the losses they have historically experienced.” 

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