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5 problems that consume the most time of property managers. We have a solution to help reduce time on these troublesome problems. Contact us today for more information.

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5 Notorious Problems That Consume a Property Manager’s Day

To say that property managers are busy would be an understatement.  Collecting rent, showing new properties, running applications, and seeing to tenant repairs more than adequately fill a 40 hour work week. Then there are those five big problems: the ones currently obliging you to work well past 5 p.m.

Let’s take a deep dive into those big five problems...because we think we’ve got a solution.

  • Someone busted the Parking Gate. Again.

Whether it’s a bump, or broken in half, a broken gate is more than just a parking problem. Gates are the first thing prospects see, and a dented gate speaks volumes so it has to be fixed. And the repair eats into your budget – repairing a gate averages $5k. If this happens every month…you do the math. And of course your boss wants whoever damaged the gate to be held accountable. But here’s the problem: putting a face on whodunit is going to cost a LOT of time.

  • A Dozen Residents Have Called to Complain – Lease Violations

Sometimes tenants violate their lease agreements. We’ve all heard a dog barking in a no-pets apartment, or faced calls about a tenant who routinely doesn’t pick up after their dog in one that does. Plus the undeclared tenants shacking up on their friend’s couch, after hours use of the pool or gym…any of these infractions can generate dozens of calls. And even if you are pretty sure you know who it is, you have to search through hours and hours of surveillance footage to prove it.  

  • Who Trashed the Gym?!! – Damage to Communal Areas

If it were only the complaints, that would be bad enough. But impromptu parties in the fitness center can leave the room smelling more like a dispensary than a gym. Pool equipment is expensive and easily damaged, and the whole pool might need to be drained, refilled, and chemically sanitized after a party. Then there are accidents in the parking lot: one tenant bumped another resident’s car and didn’t leave a note. They’re all your problems. None of these issues are a cheap or easy fix, either, and you have unhappy tenants until they are resolved.  So you’re now working a 60 hour week instead of a 40 hour one.

  • Property Theft

A bike is stolen, packages go missing from the mailroom, or a bunch of cars have been broken into, and your workload just tripled. When it comes to theft, tenants have plenty of theories, there’s a whole lot of tension, and they want it solved. And that leads to the fifth problem.

  • No Wait, Go Back - Watching Hours and Hours of Footage

In every instance, there’s only one place to turn: the surveillance cameras. Cancel the dinner plans, because you’re going to be sitting in front of a computer – again – staring at a screen of an empty parking lot, pool, or mailroom, for hours, pressing fast forward and rewind until your fingers fall off. And when you’re done there are still 5 more whodunits to try and solve.

We promised you a solution. And here it is.

How Cloud-based AI Solves Whodunits

Cloud-based AI surveillance can put eyes and a brain on your existing cameras: alerting you to events as they are happening, and giving you rapid search capabilities for whodunits. People are at the pool at midnight? You get an alert on your phone, so you can either send in the guards, or go there yourself. Someone broke the gate between 9 pm and midnight? Let’s look at all the cars that went through during those hours. Within seconds, you’re reviewing all the cars in 10 second clips. And if the culprit isn’t a tenant but an Uber driver? You’ve got the license plate. You can download that footage to Uber with just a click, and ask them who to contact once you’ve got an estimate.  

Every one of the five notorious problems above can be solved with AI Surveillance. Don’t want the alerts from 10pm to 6 am? You can pair it smart surveillance with remote guarding for 24/7/365 security, which could save your company up to 60% of your guard costs.  

The best part? Cloudastrucutre’s award-winning AI surveillance solution works with all cameras and requires no contracts. So it’s not going to break the bank, and will quickly save your company money in terms of liability, insurance, bad tenant reviews, and accountability for damage. And then there’s the savings for you, as a resource: you have time to focus on managing your community. You might even get a lunch break that doesn’t consist of a sandwich in front of your laptop.

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