Gearbox for Hospitals and Health Care

When risk jeopardizes patient lives, as well as their confidentiality, GearBox™ is ready to deploy and shore up your defenses. 

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In a 2022 study, more than half of respondents surveyed say “their healthcare organizations experienced one or more cyberattacks in the past 24 months involving connected medical devices.

- Healthcare IT News

Cybersecurity vigilance can save lives 

Patient systems are frequently disrupted during a cyber attack, jeopardizing patients on life support, as well as those in surgery. The volume of IoT and IoMT devices in a hospital is high and forever fluctuating.

GearBox to secure and protect your infrastructure in a persistent state and secure:

Patient monitoring devices
Operational technology

As well as alert you to IoT devices that are aging out. It’s quick, affordable, and easy-to-use.

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Ensure security at a new build or new acquisition 

A vulnerability assessment enables you to meet the Joint Commission’s standards. Test whether contractors reset default passwords, that devices are networked correctly, what code version loaded, and whether the HVAC return air system is properly segmented from patient billing and back office systems.

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Proactively maintain HIPAA and NDAA compliance  

Failed JCAHO audits can affect your facility’s ability to provide care. With GearBox you can proactively protect your architecture, the assets installed, NDAA & HIPAA compliance and more.

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Just Plug and Play

GearBox scans for vulnerabilities and evaluates network performance.  The easy-to-use browser allows staff and management to review reports and create trouble tickets.

Right-size Your GearBox Solution

We offer a variety of pricing options and GearBox sizes to ensure every building and every business can protect themselves from IoT disaster.

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