Gearbox for Critical Infrastructure

When IoT vulnerabilities jeopardize your community, GearBox™ is ready to deploy and shore up your defenses. 

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“GearBox has been a game changer for us. We get vital cybersecurity information in a much faster and more comprehensive way, without the expense or effort of having to hire consultants or having dedicated headcount to collect this information”

- Director, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure

When CISA Mandates IoT cybersecurity, GearBox has your back.

Ensure compliance, reliability, and enforcement through GearBox. We work with all critical infrastructures including:

Chemical Sector
Commercial Facilities 
Critical Manufacturing
Emergency Services
Financial Services
Food and Agriculture
Government Facilities
Nuclear Reactors, Materials & Waste
Water and Wastewater

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Uniquely designed for critical infrastructure challenges

The small, lightweight GearBox appliance is plug and play, which means you can utilize it both at HQ and in the field, to ensure all facilities meet CISA mandates. GearBox is also designed for:

Limited/unique power requirements 
Harsh environments 
Deployment in-rack or as a mobile tool for remote locations
Scheduling scans in off-peak hours

To help you meet CMMC 2.0 requirements and audits, building validations, seasonal testing and inspection and more. 

Free Consultation

Just Plug and Play

GearBox scans and detects all your IoT devices and networks for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, aging/end-of-life devices, compliance issues, and even evaluates network performance.

A Remediation Roadmap prioritizes issues as well as ranks them for level of difficulty. 

Right-size Your GearBox Solution

We offer a variety of pricing options and GearBox sizes to ensure every building and every business can protect themselves from IoT disaster.

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