Cloudastructure Unveils New Mobile Surveillance Trailer Solution

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June 20, 2024 Philadelphia, PA – Today at Apartmentalize 2024 Cloudastructure Chief Revenue Officer Lauren OBrien  and Flex Security’s Lance Lees unveiled the most advanced and compelling new mobile surveillance trailer solution on the market.

The solution pairs exclusive, patented illumination and robust hardware with Cloudastructure’s award-winning AI surveillance, seamless remote guarding platform and remote guarding services for a comprehensive 21st century security solution that offers rapidly deployable live monitoring and crime deterrence to storage areas, dealerships,  parking lots and garages, construction sites, events, and even disaster relief zones.

The hardware features include:

  • 880 W Solar generation 
  • 3 1080P PTZ cameras 
  • Patented LED Lighting with Auto Response
  • 27’ Mast with horn speaker
  • IP 65 Waterproof Boxes 
  • Reflective Graphics
  • Adjustable jacks

The system can run for six days before needing a solar recharge, and the patented lighting is the same one used by emergency responders. 

But hardware is only as useful as the software it houses. Cloudastructure’s award-winning AI security platform ensures that customers have real-time processing and live monitoring capabilities of all their surveillance data, including:

  • A cloud-based Video Management System (VMS)
  • A uniform view of all locations and surveillance cameras
  • Award-winning AI Analytics for rapid search for objects, people, and vehicles
  • Line Detection and Motion Masking capabilities
  • Customizable alerts to activity
  • Seamless Remote Guarding software to voice down any would-be perpetrators

Footage is always stored for 30 days, although customers can opt for more. Customers may also opt to use Cloudastructure’s highly successful global remote guarding services for end-to-end security and accountability. 

Currently delivering 97% crime deterrence to customers in property management, Cloudastructure’s global remote guards offer comprehensive monitoring and management of all surveillance including:

  • Live monitoring and response in real time
  • Virtual patrols
  • Incident reporting
  • Forensic investigations

CRO Lauren OBrien commented, “Our clients have asked repeatedly for a mobile surveillance solution they can deploy on construction sites or in parking lots to ensure the safety of their tenants. We wanted to wait until we found a partner as committed to delivering a next generation solution as we are. We are grateful to have that in Flex Security, and we are extremely proud, if a little stunned by the overwhelming response our solution has already had.

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