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The “MacAffee of IoT”, Cloudastructure’s GearBox™  is the first cybersecurity tool designed to secure and protect your IoT devices and network from being exploited by hackers.

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An IoT attack surface goes beyond entry points and includes all possible security vulnerabilities for IoT devices, connected software and network connections.

- TechCrunch 2022

Feature Report: The Power of Remote Guarding
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GearBox brings intelligence to the edge of your IoT networks, delivering a cybersecurity solution for Operational Technology. With an on-premise appliance and a cloud-based portal for data management and reporting, GearBox manages, synchronizes, orchestrates and secures IoT defined networks, so your business stays safe from hackers, aging devices, and compliance issues.

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Gearbox Features

Gathers intelligence about a computer network
Inventories everything connected to that network
Analyzes the security of those networks and attached devices
Measures the responsiveness of the network and the devises
Categorizes the devices by make and type to compare them to NDAA 889 or end of life/end of service notices
Delivers it all in an easy to understand report that includes a roadmap to remediate risks and repair problems.

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IoT Readiness Assessment

Includes GearBox interrogation of internal networks, inventory of IP connected assets, response time analysis per asset, supply chain analysis (GSA-889), delivered in a physical report with up to notable 10 Findings.

Vulnerability Assessment

Includes GearBox interrogation of internal networks, inventory of IP connected assets, response time analysis per asset, full vulnerability assessment, delivered in a physical report with up to top 10 vulnerabilities by criticality.

White Glove Analysis Detail

Analysis of vulnerability assessment to create detailed remediation advice/instructions, including rank of severity and estimated level of effort, delivered in a physical report with all vulnerabilities above a log level event.

Remediation Roadmap

Review of overall cybersecurity posture. Includes external GearBox penetration test scan, as well as dark web search and analysis, cybersquatter analysis, delivered in a physical report with up to 10 notable findings.

Products and Services

GearBox offers multiple ways to subscribe to fit your budget and requirements.  

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Annual Subscription Service

It has you covered whether you are a large enterprise or small business.  

Multi- tiered Subscription Service

It offers a la carte and unlimited subscriptions that can include: 
- Vulnerability Assessments
- Network performance Assessments
- Complete Inventory of devices 
- Remediation roadmap 
- Unlimited scanning 
- Data storage 
- White glove support  

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