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A Special Offer for
Prince George’s County MD

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Assumes three-year contract
Leverages existing cameras
Does not include additional camera install
Additional cameras supplied for as little as $200 per camera
Offer only applies to Prince George’s county properties

integrated cloud solutions

Meet Prince George's new tenant landlord regulations for as little as $2.9k per property  

With our solution you can achieve compliance and receive customized alerts to theft, vandalism, and lease violations in real time.

Cloudastructure: the leading AI Surveillance platform in multifamily

Welcome to Cloudastructure! As a dedicated Proptech platform, we’re laser-focused on multifamily and senior housing.

Our clients include:

We’re also the most decorated AI surveillance platform in the space! Including the 2023 Winner of Residential Data Platform of the Year at the Proptech Breakthrough Awards.

Residential Data Management Platform of the Year

Security Innovation of the Year 2023

PLATINUM Best Video Management Solution – Smart Surveillance/Remote Guarding

Best Native Cloud Solution 2023

Best New Monitoring Product: Remote Guarding

PLATINUM Best Video Surveillance Solution - Smart Surveillance

GOLD for Best New Cloud Solution

Best New IoT Product: GearBox

GOLD Best Video Analytics Solution - Smart Surveillance

SILVER for Best New AI/ML Solution

GOLD Best Video Data Storage Solution - Smart Surveillance

Security Innovation of the Year

GOLD Best Cloud Computing & Storage - Smart Surveillance/Remote Guarding

GOLD for Achievement in Sales & Revenue Generation

PLATINUM Winner for Cloud Solutions and Services

PLATINUM Best Cloud IoT Cyber Security Solution - GearBox™

BRONZE Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution - GearBox™

PLATINUM Best IoT Product of the Year - GearBox™


Optimize surveillance compliance with cloud-based AI 

Cloudastructure’s proactive security solution works with all commercial grade camera types* and is the ONLY integrated property management security solution that offers:q

A complete and award-winning VMS
Cloud-based advanced AI analytics for greater computational accuracy
Award-winning remote guarding capabilities integrated with VMS
Global remote guarding services

With our solution, you can meet all compliance requirements for  CB-066-2023:

Scalable surveillance that is easy-to-manage and install
A uniform view of all your properties
30 day storage 
Time/Date stamped forensic video review 
AI Analytics for rapid searches and customizable alerts
Seamless monitoring capabilities
Unlimited 24/7 support at no extra cost.
We also offer cameras at wholesale prices. 
With Cloudastructure, you can stop crime in real time, prevent losses, collect fines for lease violations, and recoup costs for damage.  Don’t let City Hall put a cloud over your 2024. 
With Cloudastructure, there’s always a silver lining!