AI + ML = Smarter Surveillance

Manage multiple locations with a smartphone.

Cloudastructure’s suite of Artificial Intelligence features are some of the most advanced in the industry.

ai + ml

AI Analytic Features

- Advanced vehicle and people detection: counting, classification, license plate recognition, wrong way detection
- Tagger – the system tags every object for fast, easy search (person, vehicle, backpack, etc.)
- Rule based alerts – based on time of day, person ID or license plate ID
- Search by Face/Person (facial recognition) or by color (blue shirt)

Search By Backpack

Search By Tag

Motion Masking / Exclusion Zones

Search By Person


Edit Alerts


System Capabilities

- Mobile – Native iOS & Android Apps
- Digital PTZ Controls
- 30-60-90-N Day Retention
- Integrates with any IP Camera*
- Failure Tolerant / Redundant Data-Center
- Automatic firmware updates to CVR and life-time warranty of CVR

*Excludes proprietary consumer based WiFi cameras or discontinued cameras


System Administration Features

- Operational Alerts on System Usage  
- Multi-tiered User Permissioning System (Different Levels of admin/user roles)
- Audit Trails of all user activity with unlimited storage capacity
- Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for user access
- Single Sign On (SSO) – integration with third-party identity access management systems for secure, seamless authentication
- Data Security:

- Data encryption at-rest and in-transit
- Intelligent Bandwidth/Video Data Motion Local Buffering
- Support for Quarantine of Untrusted Cameras / Segmentation
- System Health Monitoring – Notifications health of all systems

System Health Monitoring

2 Factor Authentication

Audit Log

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