How AI Security Helps Businesses Safely Reopen

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Customer and employee safety are the chief concerns of businesses trying to return to regular operations and adjust to the new normal. Getting there, however, requires businesses to beef up safety measures beyond enforcing sanitization, mask-wearing rules, and strict occupancy limits.

For instance, many organizations would like to track the health condition of anyone who enters their facilities, but team resources are often spread too thin. AI security, which automates this task through temperature monitoring and social distancing observance technology, helps organizations to fulfill this promise. AI security is handy for businesses that need to have their employees work onsite, like manufacturing and ecommerce warehouses. In addition, brick and mortar stores need to safely accommodate the influx of customers returning to in-person shopping after missing it last year.

Temperature Monitoring Technology

Checking the temperature of all who enter a business is a safety imperative. But, according to the FDA, a standard temperature check typically misses at least half of infected people entering a business. With such unsatisfactory results, there is a strong need for more accurate technology - especially with lowered vaccine effectiveness with the most common Covid19 variant.

Thermal imaging and AI cameras used in a work setting can effectively monitor heat signatures and identify anyone with a fever. This technology is non-contact, can be remotely operated, has a low false-reading rate, and prevents the accidental spread of infection.

While best practices aren’t always easy to follow, the FDA recommends testing one person at a time - ideally in a room with a temperature between 68-76 °F (20-24 °C) and relative humidity of 10-50%. With this setup, a business can obtain accurate readings to ensure everyone’s safety. Once a positive reading occurs, a worker can be refused entry to the workplace or a customer can be turned away from a shop, thus limiting spread of the virus.

Mask/No Mask Detection

Today, mask wearing compliance is either manual or involves a computer vision scanner at a building entrance. However, once someone walks into the building they can easily remove their mask. It is important to monitor mask wearing compliance throughout a building. Cloudastructure can detect those wearing masks or not. The technology quickly identifies which locations have high levels of mask wearing compliance and which don’t. It’s easy to identify specific times and locations where mask compliance is followed or ignored.

Maintaining Cyber Security with New Technology

When businesses add in temperature monitoring and mask/no mask compliance, it sends a powerful safety message to everyone who enters your building.  A cloud-based security system makes it easier to deploy and  manage these capabilities. That way you can apply the technology consistently across multiple sites.  With the right thermal cameras, Cloudastructure, the longest running cloud surveillance solution, can take the temperature of customers and workers at the entry points of each building and send an alert if temperatures are elevated. Adding in mask/no mask compliance ensures that buildings are operating in the safest way possible.  

Cloudastructure also delivers even more advanced features such as intelligent search, alerts for VIPs and bad actors, people/vehicle counting, license plate recognition, and more.  

Our sophisticated Computer Vision, AI, and Machine Learning technology sets us apart from others in the industry. And, because our solution is cloud-based, managing multiple sites through a single view is easier and more cost effective (read our article on how cloud-based surveillance is essential to securing your business here).

Moving Forward to a Safer Future for Businesses

Reducing uncertainty and unsafe environments is a business imperative in this new normal. New technology such as temperature monitoring and mask/no mask observance supports your ability to reopen and sustain your business. Businesses can now protect everyone’s health and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. There is no need for more lockdowns and business closures with this technology. Working, shopping, and living will become safer with the power of AI-supported temperature monitoring and mask/no mask compliance.

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