How AI Security Helps Businesses Safely Re-open

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As businesses return to regular operations and adjust to the new normal, more importance is being placed on keeping customers and workers safe. Many businesses are looking for other measures in addition to sanitization, mandatory mask rules, and occupancy limits. An emerging tool to help businesses safely stay open is using a form of AI security through temperature monitoring and social distancing observance technology. This is especially useful for businesses that can’t have their employees work remotely such as manufacturing and ecommerce warehouses, which are critical to a functioning economy. As well, brick and mortar stores need to safely accommodate the influx of customers who have missed the traditional shopping experience.

Temperature Monitoring Technology

The first health check when entering a business for either workers or customers is a temperature check. According to the FDA, a standard temperature check at an entrance to a business is known to miss at least half of infected people. With such unsatisfactory results, there is a strong need for more accurate technology especially with the rapid spread of the Delta variant and uneven vaccination rates.

Unlike traditional business security cameras and video surveillance systems, thermal imaging and AI cameras used in a work setting are ideal to help monitor heat signatures and identify who has a fever. Best of all, this technology is non-contact, can be remotely operated, has a low false reading rate, and it prevents the accidental spread of infection. The FDA also recommends proper set up with a room temperature between 68-76 °F (20-24 °C) and relative humidity 10-50%, and one person tested at a time. With this, a business can rest assured that they are getting the most accurate readings to ensure the safety of everyone. Once a positive is identified, a worker can be refused entry to the workplace and a customer can be turned away from a shop, thus preventing spread of the virus.

Social Distancing Observance Technology

To aid in reminding employees to keep the required 6 feet from one another, new technology is becoming widely available that does just that. In a recent article in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN), wearable technology consists of gadgets that can be worn on workers’ belts or wrists that monitor distances around one another. When employees become less than 6 feet from someone, the wearable will make a noise or vibrate until the safe distance is re-established. This technology is already being used by Amazon warehouse workers. It's adoption by the e-commerce giant demonstrates that wearables are one of the easiest new tools to incorporate into the new normal. Connected via Bluetooth or GPS, there is no need for a business to have a large budget to use this technology.

Maintaining Cyber Security with New Technology

When businesses add in temperature monitoring and social distance technology, they need to ensure that they have the right security measures in place to avoid hacks and serious system malfunctions. Using a cloud-based security system such as those offered by Cloudastructure will help ensure secure storage of video recordings, that social distancing wearables are not compromised, and that people are compliant with mask mandates.  We also take advantage of cloud computing which eliminates the need for outdated, costly, and hackable on-site servers used with traditional DVR or NVR systems.

Cloudastructure also delivers state of the art technology at an unbeatable total cost of ownership, combining the advanced features of Computer Vision, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, and IoT. This allows major and ongoing cost savings, which are passed on to our customers. They also get to enjoy the benefits of easy learning, unified view and management of your enterprise, scalability, and secure data storage. Read our previous article on how cloud-based surveillance is important in securing your business here.

Moving Forward to a Safer Future for Businesses

Reducing uncertainty and unsafe environments is the reality for businesses in this new normal. Thankfully there is technology available to make this attainable such as with temperature monitoring and social distance observance. Businesses have the capability to protect everyone’s health and reduce the spread of the virus. There is no more need for more lockdowns and business closures with this technology. Going to work and shopping will become safer with the power of AI supported temperature monitoring and social distance technology.

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