HIGH TIMES FEATURE: Protecting Your Cannabis Company: Why Artificial Intelligence is a Must

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Revolutionary developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are finally making it feasible for businesses in the cannabis sector to more efficiently monitor their assets—for a mere fraction of the prevailing cost. With Cloudastructure, you get the best AI-based surveillance system available on the market today.

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Employee theft at cannabis businesses is soaring all across the United States. According to Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software (a POS software supplier for cannabis-based businesses), both criminals and morally ambiguous employees are resorting to more creative and clandestine tactics than ever before to steal from cannabis companies. The absence of central regulation in the sector makes it almost too easy for these individuals to commit thefts and frauds that are virtually undetectable.

When compared to a hole in the storefront window or a glaring gap in inventory, these losses are substantially less noticeable and therefore almost always go unnoticed by upper management… until it’s too late. The steep increase in global instances of theft, fraud and malicious negligence in the cannabis sector has made it clear that these businesses need better surveillance.

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