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It’s Rick Bentley, the CEO of Cloudastructure.

Cloudastructure, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the cloud-based AI surveillance solution provider for Boxabl, a rapidly growing construction technology start-up that is modernizing the building construction manufacturing process.  Boxabl plans to capitalize on the tremendous need for affordable housing as well as those who are looking to live more simply.

As Boxabl expands its business, Cloudastructure will be utilized to manage the surveillance across its multiple manufacturing sites. Unlike other vendors, Cloudastructure can assist with managing multiple sites by providing a single view of all locations all accessible via a mobile device.

As Boxabl founder GalianoTiramani states, “Cloudastructure offers the most advanced cloud-based AI surveillance solution we could find. The installation was simple - since Cloudastructure works with all camera types we were able to quickly connect the CVR to our existing camera infrastructure.  We also like that we can access video analytics from any mobile device, any time.  We know that our data is secure in the cloud and can't be destroyed if our plant experienced a fire or flood. Cloudastructure is a great partner to work with and we look forward to growing with them."

There are great synergies between Cloudastructure and Boxabl, and discussions are underway to explore even greater potential.

We look forward to updating you more on this exciting partnership in the coming months.

Rick Bentley
Cloudastructure Inc.
(650) 822-1576

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