Beyond the Mask: Reallocating AI Solutions for the Post-Covid Era

As CDC masking and distancing recommendations fall by the wayside, enterprises use AI/ML solutions to turn video surveillance data into critical business intelligence systems.

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In recent months, businesses have needed to know who’s in compliance with mandated safety protocols during Covid-19. Cloudastructure provides enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based solutions to their customers to  safely reopen by detecting the presence of face masks and adherence to social distancing protocols.  That’s great but what next?

With an eye on the future, someone asked us, "Now that the Center of Disease Control ( CDC)  doesn't require masking nor temperature registration, how will strategies and these resources be reallocated, and strategies adjusted going forward?"  

It’s an interesting question on several levels.

First, at face-value, the question is interesting.  Masking and temperature taking guidelines seem to be continuously changing as new, more contagious Covid variants spread rapidly across the globe and infecting even those who have opted to get vaccinated.  

Second, in some settings, where crowding is inevitable,  masking and temperature monitoring requirements remain in place such as when in transit (be it via plane, train, or bus) and in school and healthcare settings.

Third, certain sectors, such as healthcare and education, could employ mask/no mask and temperature monitoring  for the long term whether or not they are required to do so by the CDC.

Cloudastruture’s combined AI/ML features go far beyond COVID compliance, allowing for smarter surveillance. If masking and temperature taking requirements were to fall by the wayside tomorrow, other Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) features that support enterprise customers will persist. The need to manage and monitor multiple locations from a single device isn’t going away.

Universities will still want to be able to improve emergency response with real-time facial recognition tools and by giving access to first responders. Authorized users get a centralized view of all of their campuses, classrooms and facilities. With keyword tagging and facial recognition features, staff can perform searches within minutes.

The cannabis industry will still have government imposed data, security and surveillance requirements. Most states require businesses to record activity in every area of their enterprise with clear images showing employee and customer activity, cash registers and product sales. As drive-thru dispensaries become prevalent, License Plate Recognition features will be in high demand.

Healthcare facilities of all sizes will continue to use Cloudastructures’ AI/ML surveillance solutions to better manage and monitor sites to ensure safety and security. Additionally, the cloud-based architecture and unlimited data storage and retention plays a key role in reducing pressure on both IT staff and hardware requirements, allowing them to stay HIPAA compliant. Cloudastructure’s advanced solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of any office, lab or patient care center.

For hospitality, whether it’s one restaurant with a single surveillance camera or a hotel chain with hundreds, Cloudastructure helps customers monitor staff, lobby activity and equipment. Our elevated video surveillance systems help clients protect guests, mechanical rooms and inventory.

In the future, it’s likely that customer needs will shift to look for something not yet defined. In the same way that Cloudastructure's advanced AI/ML solution helped users to quickly comply with CDC masking and temperature requirements for COVID, it  is well positioned to help them detect and find the data for whatever threat or opportunity comes next.

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