Property Management FAQ

We aim to be the finest security partner in the property management space. Read on to see how we walk that walk. 

1. My company is very cost-conscious. Do you work with cameras that are already  in place? 

We do! We can even do a site assessment if you need us to to improve placement, visibility and coverage. 

2. Just how easy is it to search? 

Very. Our system is designed to be user friendly. All objects are tagged as video is uploaded. You can search by location, time, even a specific camera, or person, vehicle, backpack, animal or object in seconds.

3. What about hardware costs?

Our system is minimal hardware, and we offer flexible lease-to-own options on the CVR’s. You can roll the cost into your monthly payments if you like. And every CVR comes with a life-of-service warranty. 

If you have a server with VMware you actually don’t need any hardware.  We can load our software on your VM.

4. What if we want to install new cameras? Who handles that?

You’re welcome to handle it yourselves if that’s what you prefer, or we can partner with one of our national install partners. Either way we provide oversight over your install to ensure that you get the best service. 

5. What if this doesn't work out for us?

Our solution is contract-free, you can quit any time you like.

7. Say I like your demo. What does presenting to my ownership group look like?

No worries. You’re welcome to set the meeting yourself, or we can set it up for you. We do all the heavy lifting. 

8. Can I really look at multiple properties at one time? 

Yes. Everything is centralized and you can even tune in to particular cameras.

9. Our residents might not be too keen on the facial recognition software. Do we have to have it?

Your features (and your data) belong to you – you can switch the facial recognition off. 

10. I see lots of demos. What’s different about yours?

First our value proposition: we work with your existing cameras – no pricey retrofits – and no contracts. You’re our customer, not our hostage. Then there are our capabilities: we’re cloud-native, there’s no thick client software layer on your servers.  More notably, our live view, analytics and live monitoring capabilities are on the same seamless platform, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and bandwidth challenges while enjoying end-to-end security. Lastly, if you opt for remote guarding, you can SAVE UP TO 40% ON GUARD COSTS, while enjoying up to a 93% DETERRENCE RATE. Which means you eeduce losses while saving money. 


Offices across the globe.