Key Features



We run every video we upload through our own computer vision system.  We identify common objects in the videos and then let you search for videos with those objects in them.  Tired of looking at irrelevant video all day?  Just search for videos with "people" or "vehicle" or "animal" in them and only watch the ones that have what you're looking for in them.

(phone = key)

Use your smartphone as your access credential.  Click on icon on your home-screen on you smartphone and the door opens in seconds. 


Phones are more secure a few ways: if you lose your access card/badge Friday at 5pm, you'll know about it Monday at 8am.  Meanwhile anyone can use that badge to access your office.  If you lose your phone Friday at 5pm you'll know about it that night, meanwhile your phone is locked and no one can use it to get into your office.  

You can still use badges too, we work with just about any reader/cards, including the ones you have now.

Face Recognition

After we detect a "person" we see if we also detect a face.  If so, that face is run through a face recognition system that groups the faces together.  

Next is machine learning from the access control system so that every time an employee swipes his or her badge we see his or her face.  Training face recognition from actual cameras under actual lighting conditions makes our face recognition more powerful than the others.

IT Secure

No holes in the firewall, no port-gowarding in the router, no VPN end points.  Our on-premises devices, the Cloud Video Recorder and Cloud Door Controller, just make outbound HTTPS requests to us.

Would you let anyone run a webserver from your corporate LAN?  Guess what, with a traditional NVR or Access Control system, you're doing exactly that.  Switch to a secure architecture.

How It Works