Cloudastructure is the Total Video Surveillance Solution

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The most advanced, user-friendly and affordable cloud video surveillance system.

For over a decade, Cloudastructure has been leveraging cloud storage, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to centralize the management of site security and allows businesses to scale geographically, easily and efficiently. Unlike traditional video surveillance systems, which are difficult to manage and expensive to scale, Cloudastructure takes advantage of cloud computing to eliminate the need for costly ongoing hardware and IT maintenance and local software updates of on premises solutions.

Cloud Intelligence

For businesses looking for a new security system

Cloudastructure provides top of the line support, working directly with you to identify your specific needs and expertly install and configure your onsite cameras and cloud video recorder(s) (CVRs).Once your cloud based video surveillance and analytics system is up and running, we support you 24/7 with robust, active monitoring to ensure that your cameras and CVRs are performing optimally.Easy web access means you can check video feeds and stored data with an internet connection and an http enabled computer or mobile device.

Cloudastructure CVR

transition and scale with ease

For businesses with an existing security system

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that scaling and securing traditional video surveillance systems can be expensive and sometimes seems impossible. Fixed IPs with open firewalls pose security risks. Onsite PCs and servers need to be maintained.  Archived footage stored on site can be stolen, damaged or lost.

Cloudastructure will work directly with you to upgrade and enable your existing video surveillance system to transition to a compliant, intelligent and infinitely scalable cloud based solution. Our system can immediately detect your existing camera infrastructure and give you a single view of all of your cameras and their statuses across multiple geographical locations.

Cloud Video Surveillance


A more intelligent solution at a lower cost.

All Higher Level Functions Included. Cloudastructure’s cloud-model provides some of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry.

Upfront Savings:
- No License Fees
- No/Less capital equipment (no need to purchase onsite storage - or servers)
- Quicker to deploy (comes up DHCP, no networking issues)
- Integrates with all existing cameras* on your network

Long Term Savings:
- Ongoing Technical support included
- No Network management
- No VPN, open, unsecured ports in firewall, port forwarding in router
- Equipment is warrantied for lifetime of service

*Excludes proprietary consumer based WiFi cameras or discontinued cameras

Experience why businesses choose Cloudastructure for video security and management.