About Cloudastructure

Cloudastructure provides cloud-controlled physical infrastructure to enterprises. 

Cloudastructure Inc. owns the assets of, and has key employees from, two pioneer companies – Connexed Technologies Inc. which was offering cloud video surveillance since 2003 and Reach Systems, Inc which launched cloud access control in 2005.  This makes us the longest running player in cloud-based access control and video surveillance.  


Our team contains both tech sector veterans and young up-and-coming technology wiz's.   Based in Silicon Valley, our team has been building and hosting cloud-based systems before the term "cloud"  was in use.   We've started companies with successful exits and worked at the largest and most famous ones too.

After surpassing the competition by putting access control and video surveillance in the cloud, in 2015 we found ourselves uniquely positioned to  add Machine Learning and Computer Vision to our offerings.  Just like Google indexed the web so you can search the web, we index all of the surveillance video so you can search the video (by "person", "animal", "vehicle", etc.).  We can do this because we have all the data in one place, on powerful computational platforms, which is unique to our offering.

Our solutions are both more reliable and secure than the legacy solutions from the billion-dollar incumbents, and they come with more advanced technology.  Despite the power of our solutions, they are also the easiest to install in the industry.   Our devices come up DHCP (no fixed IP address required) and are IT secure (no holes in the firewall, no port-forwarding in the router).   Our system is most competitive when servicing multiple sites -- a customer with 25 locations can maintain 50 seperate silo systems from the incumbents or enjoy just one SaaS solution from us.  Of course, with everything in the Cloud, we still have all the data even if the building in question blows up or burns down.  Something no on-premises based solution can offer.

Cloudastructure can support your installation efforts, either helping your internal facilities staff, introducing local installation partners, or taking turnkey responsibility for delivering the solution seamlessly.   We provide a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than the incumbents when all factors are considered.

The future of video surveillance and access control is here today, we hope to have the chance to show you.

Management Team


Rick Bentley has over 20 years of Silicon Valley startup and technology experience. He was founder and CEO of Televoke Inc. (became deCarta, bought by Uber) where he raised eight figures of Venture Capital. Mr. Bentley has been a full time Advisor to Google X. He was a direct report to Andy Grove for half a decade. Investors have brought him in for interim-CEO roles at early stage companies. He was a Senior Consultant at Bearing Point Inc., which included two assignments in Baghdad. At General Magic he managed the “Portico” program, derivatives of which serve over a million subscribers. He was Director of Business Development for Machina, a design and engineering house that developed consumer electronics products, some of which sold over 10MM units. He was also Director of Product Development for Sensory Inc, which currently has the largest installed base of speech recognition systems in the world. Mr. Bentley is the author of multiple patents and patent filings, many of which were bought by Samsung in 2014. He received his BA in Physics and MS in Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Rick Bentley


Gregory Rayzman is a seasoned technologist and well recognized name in Silicon Valley. His expertise in Big Data and database architecture is sought by several emerging and well established companies like Apple, where he provided pivotal leadership in designing and developing massively scalable and database backed infrastructures. Most recently, Mr. Rayzman had a great stint at TheFind shopping search engine with relevancy and popularity algorithm instead of the ordinary pay-for-placement. TheFind was acquired by Facebook in 2015. Prior to that, as Chief architect of a forward-looking company NebuAd, in 2007 he developed behavior targeting advertising systems based on the aggregate data, which everyone from Google and Yahoo to Facebook and Plaxo is looking into only now – for better targeted, more relevant advertising. He was previously a founding engineer and Chief architect for ITM Software, acquired by BMC. Mr. Rayzman also served as CTO for Claridyne Inc., an IT infrastructure and integration company. Mr. Rayzman was founding engineer and Director of Software Engineering for Annuncio Inc., acquired by PeopleSoft (now Oracle). Mr. Rayzman holds both Bachelor and Masters degrees in Computer Science from Moscow University and completed his postdoctoral education in Applied Mathematics at the Academy of Science before moving to the United States earlier in his career.

Chief Technology Officer

Gregory Rayzman


Craig Johnson has over 20 years of experience in a variety of Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Operations, and General Management positions with his last assignment being COO of a digital signage startup. Prior to that he was a Honeywell General Manager, running a 100+ person organization with $27m in revenues, that consulted, sold, installed, and maintained HVAC systems, Fire Alarm, and Security systems in large, commercial buildings. Mr. Johnson also has extensive experience in the marketing and sales of electronic components to OEM and Distributor channels, both through direct salesforces and independent rep organizations. At the customer enterprise level, Mr. Johnson managed the sales and service teams for process automation platforms that monitor and control refineries, power generation plants, and manufacturing sites. Mr. Johnson earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his MBA in Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago. He is Six Sigma certified and served as a Reserve Officer in the Armed Forces.

Vice President, Sales

Craig Johnson