Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Smartphone.

Tagger™: we index all your video so you can search by object. 

Smartkey: use your smartphone to unlock any door with a single click from your homescreen.

Cloudastructure has a variety of Artificial Intelligence features not found in traditional systems. Some are already shipped and in our production environment and some are still in development and coming soon.


We run every video through our own computer vision system.  This system generates tags for every object it sees in the video.  Things like "animal" or "person" or "vehicle"...  Then, we let you search by tag.  No more watching branches blow or cars drive by for an hour, just search on "person" and see only videos that have people in them. 


Use your phone to open your door.  It's more secure and you always have your phone with you.  Likewise you can see someone live on video and unlock the door for them if they're locked out, dropping off a package, etc.  Click to read more on Smartkey.

(coming soon)

Already working in development, Face Recognition tags all videos with faces recognized in them.  This will allow you to search by known person (e.g. Patrick) or unknown person (e.g. Unknown123).  "Hey, that guy right there who attacked that other person ... where else has he been on my campuses?" 

(coming soon)

The guard at the front desk does two things, one of which is make sure your face matches your badge.  We can do it automatically.  We can also let you use your phone as a credential, even passively (e.g. phone in pocket, but GPS/LBS says it's near the door and/or the phone is on the right WiFi AP).  Someday we believe it will be "phone in your pocket" + "face on camera" and the door opens for you.

(coming soon)

Tailgate/Piggyback prevention is the front desk guard's other function, they're just making sure no one drafts in behind someone else who is badging in.  Again, we can do this better with computer vision.  On all the doors (side door, back door, document room, etc.) and not just the main lobby door.  For a lot less than it takes to pay guards.

Pricing: all higher level functions included.

Not only does our Cloud-model provide the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry, but we don't charge more for a more intelligent system.